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Hybrid Schooling

Hybrid Schooling

Citizen Corps member Serna Ashcroft shares her testimony of starting a hybrid

The hybrid model incorporates both at home learning, as well as time spent in a physical location for a mix of home time and class time with peers. It is targeted to achieving a particular objective or goal. This kind of alternative schooling model is becoming Increasingly popular. As state requirements vary, parents and educators are finding creative ways to implement this home type of hybrid community model.

In this space we would like to give you options of various hybrid models, as well as ideas of how you can implement this kind of schooling in your own home or community.

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Starting a home school academy is just one of the many models of Hybrid Schooling. This model was created through a sole proprietorship. Parents or teachers hired as contract workers. School meets two times a week in a local church. Lessons are taught by an accredited teacher or parent. Students work on the curriculum throughout the week. Fridays are field trip days! This school is not accredited.

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