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Supplemental Curriculums


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
At Home Middle Schoolathomemiddleschool.com
Comprehesive School Mathematics Programstern.buffalostate.edu
Easy Peazy all in One Homeschool 1-7allinonehomeschool.com1-7
Easy Peazy all in One Homeschool 1-7allinonehomeschool.com9-12
EDX 10-12edx.org10-12
Flipped Math 8-12flippedmath.com8-12
Free Math K-5thfreemathprogram.comK-5
The Good and the Beautiful K-5thgoodandbeautiful.comK-5
Khan Academy K-12khanacademy.orgK-12
Mastermath 6-9thmastermath.info6-9
Math is Fun K-12mathsisfun.comK-12
Mathematics Enhancement Programcimt.org.uk
LWT Literacy Council 5th-12nwtliteracy.ca5-12
Tray's Arithmatic 1st-11thraysarithmetic.wordpress.com1-11
Free Math Resourcesfreedomhomeschooling.comResource
ST Math (Not Common Core)stmath.com
Denison Algebradenisonalgebra.com


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
Easy Peazy- All im One Homeschool 1-8thallinonehomeschool.com1-8
Easy Peazy- All im One High school 9-12allinonehighschool.com9-12
ACS Middle School Chemistry 6-8thmiddleschoolchemistry.com6-8
At Home Middle School 6-8thathomemiddleschool.com6-8
CPO Science 6-8thtinasdynamichomeschoolplus.com6-8
Guest Hallow's Biology 9-12thguesthollow.com9-12
Mr. Q's Classic Science 1-6theequalsmcq.com1-6
Mr. Nucleus K-6thmsnucleus.orgK-6
YAPA Kids K-8thyapakids.orgK-8
Generations Geniusgenerationgenius.com
Alpha Omega Sciencehomeschool-curriculum.org

Language Arts

Complete Courses

Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
At Home Middle School 6-8thathomemiddleschool.com6-8
Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool 1-8thallinonehomeschool.com1-8
Easy Peasy All in One High school 9-12thallinonehomeschool.com9-12
The Good and the Beautiful 1-5ththegoodandthebeautiful.com1-5
Plain and not so Plain 2-9thplainandnotsoplain.com2-9
Under the Home K-5thunderthehome.orgK-5
Comman Lit 3-12thcommonlit.org3-12
Community Reading Project 3-12thcommunityreading.org3-12
Khan Academy 2-9thkhanacademy.org2-9
K12 Reader. K-12thk12reader.comK-12
Literature and Creative Writing 4-12thkira-marie-mccullough.com4-12
Read Theory K-12readtheory.orgK-12
Read Works K-12readworks.orgK-12
Stairway to Reading K-8thsqecanada.orgK-8
The Reading Eggs 2nd and Upreadingeggs.com2-12
The Well Trained Mind Pre K-12thwelltrainedmind.comK-12
The Institute for Excellence in Writingchristianbook.com

History &

Social Studies

Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
American Heritage Foundation K-12americanheritage.orgK-12
Adventure Tails of America 4-10thadventuretales.com4-10
Ashbrook Center 9-12thgo.ashbrookscholar.org9-12
At Home Middle School 6-8thathomemiddleschool.com6-8
Certel.org 8-12thcertell.org8-12
C-12 8th-12thck12.org8-12
Digital History 6-12thdigitalhistory.uh.edu6-12
Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool 1-8thallinonehomeschool.com1-8
Easy Peasy All in One high school 9-12thallinonehighschool.com9-12
Heritage History 1-12thheritage-history.com1-12
Homeschool Creations Geography 1-6thhomeschoolcreations.com1-6
ICIVICS 6-12icivics.org6-12
Michigan Open Book Project K-12freekidsbooks.orgK-12
Shell Education-Social Studiesteachercreatedmaterials.com
The Story of the Worldsusanwisebauer.com
Tapestry of Grace K-12thtapestryofgrace.comK-12

Art &


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
Art for Kids Hub K-8artforkidshub.com
Alphonso Dunn You-Tube 4-12thyoutube.com
Angela Anderson You-Tube 5-12thyoutube.com
Artsy Craftsy Mom K-12artsycraftsymom.com
Art Projects for Kids K-8thartprojectsforkids.org
Dick Blick K-12dickblick.com
Draw so Cute 2-12youtube.com
Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool 1-8thallinonehomeschool.com
Easy Peasy All in One High school 9-12allinonehighschool.com
EDX 1-12edx.org
Farjana Drawing Acedamy 3-12thyoutube.com
Free On Line Art 6-12free-online-art-classes.com
Harmony Fine Arts at Home K-12harmonyfinearts.org
HodgePodge K-12hodgepodge.me
The Metropolitan Museum of Art K-12metmuseum.org
Piano Instructionannashomeschoolportfolio2016-2017.weebly.com



Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
123 Teach Me -2-12123teachme.com
American Sign Language Academy 3-12thlifeprint.com
Annenburg Learner 8-12learner.org
At Home Middle School 6-8thathomemiddleschool.com
Conjugeumos 5-12thconjuguemos.com
Duolingo 3 and Upduolingo.com
Don Potter 6-12thdonpotter.net
Know it All 1-5thknowitall.org
The Language Guide 5-12languageguide.org
Learn 101. 3rd and Uplearn101.org
Learn a Language 3rd and Uplearnalanguage.com
Spanish Playground. Pre K -12thspanishplayground.net
YAPA Kids 1st-8thyapakids.org


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
App Inventor 5-12thappinventor.org
Carnegie Mellon University 6-12thacademy.cs.cmu.edu
Code.org K-12thcode.org
Code.org K-12thcode.org
Computer Science Unplugged. K-8thcsunplugged.org
GCF Global 4-12thedu.gcfglobal.org
Excel Easy 8-12thexcel-easy.com
Green Tree Pass 8-12thgreenteapress.com
Intel Education 3-12intel.com
Georgia Virtual Learning 6-12thgavirtuallearning.org
Khan Academy 7-12thkhanacademy.org
Scratch 2-12thscratch.mit.edu
YAPA Kids 1-8thyapakids.org
Alpa Typing 3-12thalfatyping.com
Nitro Type 3-12nitrotype.com

Health &


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
Agriculture in the Home K-12thagclassroom.org
Alison 9-12thalison.com
Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool K-8thallinonehomeschool.com
Easy Peasy All in One High school 9-12thallinonehighschool.com
First Aid K-12thfreedomhomeschooling.com
CK-12. 9th-12thck12.org
Georgia Virtual Learning 6-12thgavirtuallearning.org
Go Noodle K-8thgonoodle.com
Kids Health K-12thkidshealth.org
Future Learn 9-12thfuturelearn.com
Wide Open School Pre K-12thwideopenschool.org
Spoons Across America 6-12thspoonsacrossamerica.org
Fitness for Life "ALL"annashomeschoolportfolio2016-2017.weebly.com



Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
Build Your Future 9-12actuarialfoundation.org
Carisma on Command 10-12thyoutube.com
Civic Online Reasoning. 6-12thcor.stanford.edu
Current Events K-12freedomhomeschooling.com
Chop Chop Cooking Club 6-12thchopchopcookingclub.org
Crawfords Auto Repair 9-12thcrawfordsautoservice.com
Dad, how do I ? 4-12thyoutube.com
Easy Peasy All in One Highschool Culinary Artsallinonehighschool.com
Family Consumer Science 6-12thfamilyconsumersciences.com
Full Proof Me. 6-12thfoolproofme.com
Kids Sewing Projects K-12thkids-sewing-projects.com
Overcoming Obstacles K-12thkids-sewing-projects.com
Overcoming Obstacles K-12thovercomingobstacles.org
Plain and not so Plain 6-12thplainandnotsoplain.com
Practical Money Skills K-12thpracticalmoneyskills.com
Skill Trec K-12preview.skill-trek.com
Success Socially 9-12thsucceedsocially.com
TD Bank Wow! Zone K-12thtd.com
Two Cents 5-12thyoutube.com
Youth Skills for Life 10-12vaprojectlife.org
4H Youth Babysitting 7-12th4-hmilitarypartnerships.org
Affordable Life Skills Curriculum K -12thfreedomhomeschooling.com


Curriculum nameWebsiteGrades Covered
Teach Engineering K-12thteachengineering.org
Khan Academy 9-12khanacademy.org
EDX. 10-12thedx.org
Architecture Courses 9-12tharchitecturecourses.org
Alison 9-12thalison.com
Hillsdale College 9-12thhillsdale.edu
Lessons for the Young Economist. 6-12thmises.org
The Art of Public Speaking 8-12thgutenberg.org
Handbook of Independat Journalism 7-12tharchive.org
Critical Reasoning for Beginners 9-12thpodcasts.ox.ac.uk
Critical Thinking 10-12thyoutube.com
The Pridle Institute for Ethics K-5thprindleinstitute.org
Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice 9-12thuen.org
Virtual Fieldtrips PreK-12thfreedomhomeschooling.com
Bible Pre-K -12thfreedomhomeschooling.com
Health & PE Pre-K-12thfreedomhomeschooling.com
Life Skills Pre K-12thfreedomhomeschooling.com
Answers in Genesis K-5th (Bible Curriculum) answersingenesis.org
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