The Science Explained

Exposing Deadly Covid Bias and Media Manipulation

Dr. David Vella resigned from the Henry Ford Health System after seeing “stastically impossible” Covid data and flawed policies in response to it. In January of 2020, Dr. Vella began monitoring Covid data coming from the World Health Organization data. Data that was presented as accepted fact was, in fact, speculative and biased. In Dr. Vella’s words, it was “incredible not possible,” especially in regards to the lethality of the virus. As the healthcare system pivoted around the alleged facts, Dr. Vella became increasingly disturbed by the silence of other Doctors and took a stand in defense of bodily sovereignty and objective science. Dr. Vella has also personally witnessed sudden death and disease immediately after his patients received Covid vaccinations. He urges all Americans to stand up and push back against a biased and flawed narrative.