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Dr. John Thomas Calls Brave Doctors to Action

The fear of being ostracized by peers we admire and respect is a powerful force. AFLDS Affiliate Physician Dr. John Thomas details his experience in confronting this concern and rising to the challenge of saving lives. Let his story of courageously evaluating all available treatment options be a lesson to those that are fearfully withholding their truth.


Last year, we did not know a lot about this virus. And so trying to get into this space to treat patients with COVID was very difficult. My background I'm a General Surgeon and also happened to be the Founder of Operation Hope where we travel to African countries to Southern, you know, South America and also Haiti providing medical assistance.

My biggest thing was not finding knowledge, but it was the fear of what my peers were thinking in the United State of America. Are they going to look down at me? Are they going to just say that I'm a bad doctor or they would turn me in to the medical board? All those fears were there, but while I was dwelling on my fear, there are people that we're dying of COVID. So I felt like I must do something. But we've come a long way. Now we know that there's other treatments available with great success. But what we need is more providers. Who's going to step into the space and provide care for people because it matters.

Time is essential, whatever we are doing right now, it's unsustainable because we don't have enough providers on board. So every provider just like me, there were with fear, but at least today we have so much more data that you can personally go look at it and say, I will step into the space. And if you need to connect with us with America's Frontline Doctors and join us to fight this fight because without you, we cannot win this fight.

And thank you very.