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Are The Covid Vaccines REALLY Gene Therapy?

AFLDS Affiliate Physician Dr. Christina Parks analyzes the Covid vaccines and details why they should be classified as gene therapy injections. Watch this video if you want to understand, in simple yet detailed terms, exactly how the current Covid vaccines are different from previous vaccines and why they may negatively affect your biology.


Are these current vaccines gene therapy? And if they are, should you be concerned? Yes, they are gene therapy. And here's why that's problematic. In a traditional vaccine, the protein that's injected never gets inside your cells. Your immune system is never attacking your cells. In these new vaccines, mRNA or DNA goes into your cells and makes a ton of this spike protein that's from Covid. One, we don't know what the consequences of your body making all of this viral protein will be. And two, that viral protein a lot of it is inside your cells, where it can cause all sorts of problems. And it may cause your immune system to attack your own cells because it shouldn't be there. So those are two main problems with these gene therapy vaccines that you need to be aware of.