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Simone Gold, M.D. v. Medical Board of California et al. Dr. Simone Gold sues the California Medical Board and its president, Kristina Lawson

The court’s decision will set a precedent for doctors nationwide and affect the longstanding sacred patient-doctor relationship.
AFLDS Headquarters - Naples, FL – Nov. 9, 2023

Dr. Simone Gold, the founder and president of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) recently filed a complaint against the Medical Board of California (CMB), its president, Kristina Lawson, and 20 related board members (collectively, the “defendants”). Dr. Gold is suing the defendants in an effort to block the Board from illegally threatening the status of her California physician  license, and to preserve her dignity, reputation, and her constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights to free speech and due process.

The complaint alleges the defendants exceeded their authority in charging Dr. Gold with dubious allegations and are liable for six counts of unconstitutional and unlawful violations relating to their continued and unprovoked “investigations” of Dr. Gold. Kristina Lawson, in particular, acted with extreme personal vendetta. 

Attorneys for Dr. Gold maintain the defendants have no legal basis in fact to target her. Rather, they allege the defendants’ charges against Dr. Gold are in retaliation for her outspoken advocacy of early medicinal treatments for Covid-19 (CV19) (including both FDA approved hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and  ivermectin), in lieu of “vaccination” or the combined remdesivir and ventilation treatments which can be potentially lethal and are still mandatory at most hospitals nationwide.

Dr. Gold seeks declaratory relief, injunctive relief, and damages. This means she’s asking the court to 1) formally acknowledge the defendants have willfully and recklessly violated her constitutional rights; 2) prohibit them from any future investigations into her protected free speech; and 3) monetarily compensate her (and her attorneys) for depriving her of her right to practice medicine, defiling her personal and professional reputation, and for violating her constitutional rights.

In July 2020, Dr. Gold and the original frontline doctors courageously stood on the steps of the Supreme Court, publicly denounced medical censorship and tyranny, and declared the truth about CV19. The event was live streamed and viewed by an estimated 20 million viewers before internet controllers scrubbed the video from every media platform. 

In late December 2020, Dr. Gold requested and received a permit to speak at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 (J6). About a month after her speech, she was violently arrested in her California home for alleged trespassing. After observing that all J6 defendants, including bystanders and observers, were being selectively persecuted with severe felony charges without evidence, Dr. Gold accepted a plea deal for a misdemeanor. For the first time in his judicial career, the J6 D.C. trial judge sentenced a nonviolent misdemeanant to 60 days in maximum security federal prison. 

Very surprisingly, it was revealed at Dr. Gold’s sentencing, that the president of the CMB, Kristina Lawson, had an extraordinary personal vendetta against Dr. Gold. Kristina Lawson wrote a four-page letter to the Judge filled with vitriol against Dr. Gold. At sentencing the Judge clearly indicated that the “crime” was not related to the practice of medicine. But the “investigations” by Kristina escalated. In August 2023, Dr. Gold received correspondence from the defendants that several of their “investigations” were “now closed.” Dr. Gold and her attorneys were never informed of any such investigations, which is required by law.

The defendants’ claim that Dr. Gold’s speech on J6 is a “Conviction of a Crime Substantially Related to the Qualifications, Functions, or Duties of a Physician and Surgeon” and “General Unprofessional Conduct.” In its 147-year history, the CMB has never sought the removal of a doctor’s medical license for a misdemeanor trespass. The Medical Board of California typically sanctions doctors for highly egregious misdeeds related to the practice of medicine such as sexual abuse of patients, gross incompetence, or healthcare fraud.

Dr. Gold is set for hearing before the California Medical Board on November 13. Her attorneys will argue that her misdemeanor conviction is not substantially related to her qualifications as a doctor and surgeon. Should Dr. Gold not prevail, there will be a new standard in California - that politically protected speech and a misdemeanor plea can cost a licensee their livelihood. This is extraordinarily dangerous. 

While the defendants expend valuable taxpayer funded resources and time to unlawfully pursue and threaten Dr. Gold, it’s important to note the agency has been derelict in their own statutory mission and authority.

One of the primary roles of the CMB, which is backed by the Governor and the state’s legislative branch, is to protect the health and safety of Californians. However, in spite of the numerous aforementioned scientific studies that support Dr. Gold’s assertions of early treatment for CV19, and the plethora of scientific studies that show the dangers of the CV19 shots, the CMB has clearly been negligent in protecting the health and safety of Californians by censoring reputable doctors and mandating potentially life-threatening and experimental treatments.  

Doctors must be able to practice the unfettered art of medicine pursuant to their decades-long acquired education, professional experience, Hippocratic Oath, and constitutional right to free speech – barring interference from self-righteous non-physicians, unelected government bureaucrats, lesser governmental units, agents, subordinates, and all other proxy agents of the federal and state governments. 

If a federal or state government, regulatory agency, or one of its proxies can coerce, bully, threaten, silence, slander, defame and interfere with the sacred doctor-patient relationship; stifle the constitutional right to free speech; and imprison a non-violent, highly qualified, well-credentialed doctor over a political misdemeanor trespass – then none of us are safe from government tyranny.

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