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one nation under god

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Welcome to the Team!

Faith is defined as: to trust, to believe, to obey, or to make fast. The “Pandemic” of COVID has caused many people to reevaluate what they place their faith in. Citizen Corps Faith division is looking to restore Faith in the people of our Nation. The Faith that guided the Founding Fathers to Declare Independence from an oppressive and tyrannical king. We are gathering Patriotic ministries, Freedom lovers that will act to restore the faith of the Founder's in the people of their congregations and communities. We seek leaders of patriotic ministries that stand for the liberties of their flock.

AFLDS Citizen Corps Faith Team Equips and encourages Patriot Ministries to stand for Freedom, Act in their communities, Intercede in prayer for our nation, speak out for Truth and restore Hope in our Nation.

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Donations raised will support our efforts to educate the American public and political leaders.