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Political Apartheid Casualty Sentenced to 32 Months in Federal Prison for Protecting a Woman on January 6

Judge Furious at John Strand’s Public Speaking on Political Persecution Since His Arrest

WASHINGTON, June 1, 2023 

John Strand was charged with five counts for being present at the Capitol on January 6 (J6), and convicted by a Washington D.C. jury on September 27, 2022. He was there with his co-defendant Dr. Simone Gold, a scheduled speaker at a rally with a government-approved permit , and Strand was her security detail. Continual emerging evidence now strongly suggests J6 was an orchestrated sting operation by the federal government aimed specifically at targeting political protestors who had gathered in support of President Trump and a national concern over election fraud. 

The Creative Director for America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS), a civil-rights organization, John Strand was sentenced on June 1, 2023 to 32 months prison and 36 months supervised release. AFLDS previously advised of his trial in a Press Release. Strand honorably and reasonably fulfilled his job that day by protecting Dr. Gold. He did not commit any unlawful or inappropriate acts. He injured no one, threatened no one, and caused no damage. All of his actions are seen on the Capitol closed-circuit video recordings.

John Strand and Dr. Gold have become Political Apartheid casualties of the DOJ’s open warfare against political dissent. They were ensnared together, along with thousands of other innocent Americans, in what now appears to be a planned entrapment event that led to the tragic deaths of four protesters that day, along with numerous other injuries to both protesters and police amidst the ensuing chaos.

After being granted access to some of the 40,000 missing hours of video tape, Tucker Carlson recently exposed new depths of the J6 propaganda. Despite the coordinated efforts of the government and the media to selectively edit and emphasize the portions of the protest that became violent and unlawful, the protesters were largely peaceful throughout most of the day, even including moments inside the Capitol building with police escorting certain protesters into congressional chambers, and large crowds calmly walking inside velvet ropes in seemingly tourist fashion. This was mixed with some clear instances of violence and vandalism. See Tucker Carlson’s Full J6 Surveillance Video Expose Part I & Part II

Gold peacefully delivered her speech inside the Capitol while she waited for a safe, clear opportunity to exit. Her sentence of two months in a maximum-security prison upon taking a single misdemeanor plea for a glorified trespass charge was a shock—unprecedented and a true miscarriage of justice. In an even more extreme disparity, Strand, a devout Christian who refused to bear false witness, including against himself, by confessing to a fraudulent plea, now faces 32 months in federal prison, and 36 months supervised release. This is 16x harsher than what Gold received for the exact same behavior. The “Rule of Law” appears entirely superficial.

The facts about J6 are as follows:

Strand released a stunning 14-minute-video following the sentencing that is shocking in its complete indictment of the government. This video shows the entirety of his experience inside the Capitol. The complete alleged crime is captured on the government’s own videotape. We invite our readers to watch and decide for themselves if Strand committed any crime. The DOJ severely and improperly overcharged Strand, Gold, and hundreds of other J6 defendants – including the now-infamous 20-year “Obstruction of Justice” felony which is Title 18 U.S.C. 1512 entitled Witness Tampering. This illegal overcharging has led most defendants to quickly accept a plea, allowing the government to avoid discovery procedures and fabricate a false narrative of seditious intentions. 

Similar to Strand, most protestors on J6 were peaceful, non-violent, and many were Christians who openly prayed and displayed Christian symbols. The majority of J6 defendants have been subjected to extremely violent SWAT team assaults on their families and children, false and defamatory allegations, and absurdly excessive legal charges. J6 defendants are also enduring gross violations of the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection clause.

All J6 trials are being conducted in Washington, D.C. District Court where none of the J6 defendants can receive a fair and impartial judge and jury. No judge has approved a motion for change in venue, despite abundant evidence that D.C. juries are severely biased. Judge Cooper went to extraordinary lengths in court to defend the jurors as unbiased. In speaking extensively about the nonpartisan nature of D.C. jurors, he made statements that are demonstrably false. If judges were dispassionate about these cases, then they would consider a change in venue to jurisdictions that are not openly biased to such an extreme degree in their political allegiance. J6 was a politically charged event, and to suggest otherwise is absurd. The data is indisputable: around 97% of D.C. residents voted for Joe Biden, and their correlating hatred of President Trump and anyone supporting him is vividly clear.

Judge Cooper also appeared to be incensed over John Strand’s persistence in exercising his First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech. Since his arrest, Strand has been vocal about the disparate treatment of J6 defendants in contrast to innumerable examples of recent Marxist-driven protests and riots. Judge Cooper acknowledged that Strand was not involved in any activities regarding the election certification, that he was not violent, and not different from thousands of other protestors; yet the judge singled him out for speaking publicly. The judge had clearly been briefed by his clerks about Strand’s media interviews and public speechesas he referenced comments with specificity. This judge openly punished Strand, an American citizen, for political speech that criticized the government. That is the textbook definition of fascism. 

Our federal government finally admitted in court that it had 40 or more undercover agents acting as provocateurs. J6 has now been widely exposed as a “#Fedsurrection.” The federal government is still hiding tens of thousands of hours of video evidence; most likely to prevent the exposure of undercover government agents committing unlawful and inappropriate acts to incite violence and chaos. This is appalling and should not be tolerated by the public.

At no other time in America’s history has there been such a large group of political protesters who have been indiscriminately rounded up and “politically lynched” in such a manner. The number charged thus far is approaching several thousand people. John Strand and Dr. Simone Gold are two of these casualties.

Most Americans do not believe that peaceful, faith-based, conservative, law-abiding, and patriotic protestors of many political persuasions are the criminals. Most Americans recognize the reality of a criminal swamp: which include corrupt federal agents, unelected bureaucrats, incurious journalist-parrots, woke corporate leaders and media tycoons, all working in tandem nationally and internationally to install their version of a globalist, totalitarian, and self-enriching power structure.

Our Constitutional Republic must prevail in the end. American citizens are endowed by God with the real power of self-governance in this country. AFLDS will continue undeterred in defending our Constitution without fear or apology. 



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