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Press Releases


New AFLDS Issue Brief Calls Medical Cancel Culture a National Emergency

Document identifies doctors and healthcare professionals targeted for their views

Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today released their latest Issue Brief, “Truth Is the Cure For Medical Cancel Culture: An Analysis,” which describes instances of medical cancel culture and explores what can be done to counter it. The Issue Brief is available here.The coronavirus pandemic has introduced the insidious sub-category of medical cancel culture into our political lexicon. The Issue Brief focuses on five representative examples of medical cancel culture since the pandemic began more than a year ago. These individuals have faced censorship, termination, and intimidation from state medical and pharmacy boards, scientific journals, and providers like hospitals merely for relaying their patient experiences or questioning popular opinion. Big Tech, quasi-public platforms that can effectively silence individuals without due process, and the mainstream media serve as enforcers of the new orthodoxy.“America’s Frontline Doctors was founded in part to expose the authoritarian core of medical cancel culture and sound the alarm about this national emergency,” said AFLDS. “At stake is the health and safety of every citizen as well as their access to independent information free from official suppression or censor. Americans should not have to live in fear that they might find themselves on the wrong side of a fashionable issue, or suffer professional sanction for disagreeing with conventional wisdom. The courageous individuals profiled in this new Issue Brief refused to consent to the fraudulent expertise of our self-anointed elite. Their example of independent-minded inquiry and dissent continues to prove the adage that says true freedom begins with a single word: No.”Read the new AFLDS Issue Brief, “Truth Is the Cure For Medical Cancel Culture: An Analysis,” on their website.

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