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Masks Do Not Work - AFLDS Files Amicus Curiae Brief

Masks Do Not Work:  AFLDS Files Amicus Curiae Brief 

Atlanta, GA – August 8, 2022

America’s Frontline Doctors continues to stand up for your Constitutional rights.  Back in April, we reported on Judge Kathryn Mizelle’s ruling that struck down the travel mask mandate. Currently, the reason free breathing is allowed on planes is because of Judge Mizelle’s liberating order.  Of course, Biden and the other defendants promptly appealed Judge Mizelle’s decision to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. 

America’s Frontline Doctors attorneys David Dalia and Lauren Bradford have filed an Amicus Brief with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Health Freedom Defense Fund’s Federal Mask Mandate Case. AFLDS is excited to be able to show our support through this amicus curiae brief which presents scientific data proving that masks do not work.  You may review and download the brief here.

Per AFLDS Attorney David Dalia,  "Masks don't work. Like mRNA injections, they neither protect from infection nor prevent transmission. They are unsanitary, possibly dangerous to one's health, and also harm the environment. The overwhelming weight of the scientific evidence proves this. People just need to stop using them, on transportation and elsewhere."

Our brief, and the many others that have been filed in this case, provides evidence that masks don’t work and mask wearing should only be voluntary.  Mask mandates must end immediately and be declared illegal, not only in the transportation industry but nationwide. Children should never be forced to wear masks.  Employees shouldn’t be coerced to wear masks, especially when they are forced to wear them because they haven’t received an injection that also does not work. Patients in clinics and hospitals should never be coerced to wear a mask.  Furthermore, the President and the CDC do not have the necessary constitutional and legislative authority to issue a transportation mask mandate.   

The AFLDS Amicus Brief is accompanied by many other briefs including briefs from Children’s Health Defense, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, The Washington Legal Foundation, three industrial hygiene experts, 20 disabled airline passengers, 338 airline employees, attorney generals from 23 states, and members of congress including Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert. Most of the briefs filed mirror AFLDS’ position. 


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