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Kevin Jenkins Falsely Claims Role at AFLDS and Continues Slander with Assistance from DC Publicist Chris Barron

May 8, 2023

Media Hit Men Hired by Disgraced ex-Board Member Joey Gilbert Continue Their False Claims About AFLDS and Dr. Simone Gold

NAPLES, Fla. – It has come to the attention of America’s Frontline Doctors that a man with no formal connection, past or present, to AFLDS has falsely claimed to hold an official position within the organization, including references to such titles as “Chairman of the Oversight Committee”–a committee that has never existed at AFLDS–and more recently “CEO”–a title that has also never existed at AFLDS, given that Founder Dr. Simone Gold has served as President in leading her executive staff since she started the renowned medical and civil liberties nonprofit.

As noted in the AFLDS press release from Mar 31, 2023, rogue lawyer Joey Gilbert, now known as “Avenatti-Lite”, was formerly a member of the AFLDS Board of Directors, until the organization’s independent accounting firm identified a pattern of illicit financial maneuvers by Gilbert to continually increase the donor monies being spent on himself and his personal campaign staff, which the Arizona Judge overseeing the resulting litigation subsequently described as “self-dealing.” The discovery of this corruption by Executive Director Lisa Andrzejewski and President Dr. Gold prompted an internal investigation, which led to the current Arizona lawsuit against Gilbert to remove him from the Board and to establish proper Board management of the 501(c)(3).

While the lawsuit was in progress, a retired sheriff who was also an AFLDS Board member discovered further evidence of Gilbert’s fraud and deceptions, prompting Sheriff Mack to throw his support behind Gold, publicizing a damning report about Gilbert’s sabotage. This led to Gilbert’s entire consortium of corporate attorneys, including firms from Phoenix, Chicago, and Reno, abruptly quitting the case–which was quickly followed by Gilbert’s voluntary resignation from the Board.

Meanwhile, suspicious actor Kevin Jenkins—who’s never held any role or position at AFLDS—has been appearing on news media slandering Dr. Gold and claiming to be a chairman and now the CEO at America’s Frontline Doctors. This is patently false–and anyone propagating such claims is furthering fraudulent defamation. Both Kevin Jenkins and Joey Gilbert have since been sued by Dr. Gold at AFLDS for defaming her professional reputation.

Additionally, a Washington DC media firm operated by Chris Barron has published several fraudulent “press releases” using counterfeit AFLDS logo images. The public should be advised that Chris Barron has never been legitimately retained by Dr. Gold on behalf of AFLDS, and any materials published by Barron concerning AFLDS should be disregarded as fake and unscrupulous. Furthermore, any persons claiming to be an active member of the AFLDS Board of Directors, aside from Richard Mack and Dr. Simone Gold, are engaged in fraudulent claims and republishing defamatory statements posing harm to the organization.

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