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Calvary Chapel Victory

Calvary Chapel Victory 

San Jose, CA – August 15, 2022

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Calvary Chapel, a church in San Jose, California, that refused to close during the pandemic will not be required to pay more than $200,000 in fines that were imputed against them. This is a massive victory for religious freedom as other public places such as grocery stores were not held to the same restrictions in California as places of worship. Pastor McClure of Calvary Chapel refused to comply with California’s tyrannical mandates imposed on his church and congregation.   

The Court of Appeals ruling states: 

As we have discussed, we understand the United States Supreme Court in its most recent rulings to have clarified that public health orders placing capacity limitations on indoor public gatherings that have the effect of restricting indoor worship services are unlikely to survive strict scrutiny under the Free Exercise Clause where the same capacity limitations do not apply to all types of indoor secular activity, notwithstanding that secular indoor gatherings are also restricted. (South Bay II, supra, 592 U.S. ___ [141 S. Ct. 716]; Tandon, supra, 593 U.S. at p. __ [141 S. Ct. 1294].)”

Dr. Gold, Founder of AFLDS is a friend of Pastor McClure.  Dr. Gold spoke at Pastor McClure’s church multiple times to thousands of patriots throughout this pandemic. We at AFLDS are proud of Pastor McClure for standing his ground and we applaud his victory. 

Robert Tyler, President of Advocates for Faith & Freedom commented, “This is a significant victory for churches and pastors across this country. We are honored to represent pastors and churches who are willing to take the heat in defense of liberty because it benefits everyone.” 

Pastor Mike McClure also responded to the victory, “I thank God that our actions have been justified by the Court of Appeals. We are here to help the hurting, save the lost, and worship God without governmental intrusion.” 


Calvary Chapel is represented by Advocates for Faith and Freedom; we encourage you to read their full Press Release here.

The Court of Appeals’ opinion can be read in its entirety here. 

It is important to note that Pastor McClure and Calvary Chapel’s fight is not over, they are still facing millions of dollars in fines and penalties from Santa Clara County for refusing to mandate masks in their building. We will keep you all updated as this case continues through the court system.


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