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Bombshell New Scientific Study Confirms Lockdowns Don’t Work

Researchers in Nature conclude that stay-at-home orders ineffective at reducing number of deaths per million

Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today welcomed the findings of researchers publishing in the scientific journal Nature which showed almost zero correlation between general lockdowns, also known as stay-at-home orders, and a reduction in COVID-caused deaths in affected countries. The study found that in approximately 98% of the cases under review there was no decrease in deaths per million as a result of patients staying home. AFLDS has consistently called out the false promise of lockdowns as a mitigation measure, noting that the side effects of prolonged quarantine, including increased substance abuse, loneliness, and long-term educational deficiencies, are far worse than the supposed cure.

“This study is further proof that there is almost no connection between keeping people isolated and a reduction in deaths as the US government and other healthcare bureaucrats claimed,” said AFLDS. “For over a year, Americans have been told by Dr. Fauci and others that general and targeted lockdowns were central to a successful virus-mitigation strategy. Now that this study clearly refutes that claim, it’s time for our public health officials to adjust to this new reality, allow more citizens to resume their normal lives, and take precautionary measures for vulnerable populations where appropriate.

“It’s time for the Biden administration to listen to the science.”

Read America’s Frontline Doctors on misguided lockdown policy as well as other relevant scientific studies debunking the stay-at-home myth on their website.

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