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America’s Frontline Doctors Urge Opposition to Experimental Vaccine Mandates, Prescribe Caution, More Transparency

Results of Investigation Show More Study is Needed, Experimental Mandates Unethical

Atlanta, GA – America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) joined host organization Alveda King Ministries to caution policy makers and Americans about the risks of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine. AFLDS member-physicians presented their findings in a position paper following a lengthy investigation into the data and methods employed by federal health regulators at the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The preliminary findings indicate that greater transparency from federal researchers and additional study are needed before average Americans are asked to embark on the largest medical experimentation program in US history. AFLDS and its hosts expressed concerns regarding prioritization by the federal government based on race in light of historical injustices carried out against black Americans and other ethnic minorities during previous public health crises. Both sides have agreed to a framework of five topline statements which ought to guide COVID-19 vaccine development and implementation going forward:

  • This document represents the preliminary findings of an investigation conducted by the member-physicians at America’s Frontline Doctors. More research into the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness, including questions about pathogenic priming resulting in sudden severe cytokine storm and possible fertility side effects in women of childbearing age, is necessary.
  • We are recommending caution for patients and policy makers. Additional transparency and more research are needed before we ask average Americans to embark on the largest medical experimentation program and contact-tracing model in US history.
  • We ask our public health agencies to avoid prioritization based on race. A doctor should be allowed to use his or her own judgment in consultation with the patient. Opt-out policies, including no mandates from any private or public sources, must be continued with the experimental vaccine, just as they have with previous fully licensed inoculations. Furthermore, the CDC’s tiers of prioritization place seniors not residing in long-term-care facilities last in line for immunization, even though the data tell us that nearly 80% percent of US deaths have occurred among those 70 and older.
  • This cautionary approach must void any vaccination mandates at the local, state and federal levels, whether public or private. Mandates must be void as a matter of public policy. Coercion to take an experimental biological agent cannot ever be justified on scientific grounds.
  • Commercial pressures also potentially pose a threat to privacy and other civil liberties, and policy makers should proceed with caution. Ordinary Americans should not be compelled to sign up for a “vaccine passport” or similar mandate just to travel on an airplane or see a concert with friends. The potential for third-party abuse of private health information, as well as our freedom of movement and association, remains too high.

Simone Gold, MD, JD, and Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, said: “The accelerated rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine is an admirable example of public-private cooperation in the interest of public health. Impressive logistical features aside, the vaccination program itself should be approached with caution. Vaccination mandates at the state, local, and private level are incompatible with civil liberties and subject millions of Americans to an experimental drug.

“For this reason and more, America’s Frontline Doctors is asking regulators to open up the process to additional public comment and transparency before millions more doses are manufactured and administered. We are not anti-vaccination; in fact, every member-physician contributing to this position paper has been immunized. However, we cannot expect ordinary Americans to sacrifice their constitutionally protected rights and, possibly, their health for an experimental vaccine that has not demonstrated its safety and effectiveness using the same rigorous scientific standards we demand of other drugs.

“We are therefore counseling caution among patients and their prescribing physicians and calling on the federal government to take these safety concerns seriously before administering the largest vaccination program in our country’s history.”

A copy of the AFLDS position paper is available here.

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