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America’s Frontline Doctors Represents San Francisco Firefighter Facing Termination over Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

San Francisco, CA - March 16, 2022, America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Senior Affiliate Attorney, Heather Gibson, represented San Francisco firefighter, Michael Kricken, who faced termination for choosing not to comply with the unconstitutional vaccine mandate implemented by the San Francisco Fire Department.

Public comment was permitted before the hearing. Due to the overwhelming number of callers in support of Mr. Kricken, and against the mandate and actions of the Department, time limits for comment were reduced to two minutes per person. One caller described the actions of the San Francisco Fire Department as “…detrimental to fire service nationwide, frustrating, and disgusting.” Another stated the Fire Department was “…participating in mass genocide and violating the Nuremberg Code.”

Following public comment, Attorney Gibson expertly presented an opening statement and evidence that it was impossible to comply with the San Francisco Fire Department’s vaccine mandate as the mandate requires firefighters to “receive a vaccine approved to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.” Ms. Gibson presented evidence that no vaccine yet exists that prevents the transmission of COVID-19, therefore the mandate is relying upon patently false information. The opposing side, in their concluding statements, concurred that no vaccine exists that prevents transmission, but then made the shocking request that the Department should be able to simply disregard the words in their regulation.

Attorney Gibson also presented evidence that Mr. Kricken, who was infected with COVID-19 in 2020, still has antibodies two years later. The panel dismissed this scientific information. Attorney Gibson presented evidence that after having a fully vaccinated force of firefighters, the department still had had hundreds of Covid cases. Even with these undisputed facts the Department denied Mr. Kricken’s request for a religious exemption, stating he posed too great of a “threat” to others.

AFLDS coordinated testimony from world-renowned scientific health expert, Dr. Michael Yeadon, on behalf of Mr. Kricken. Dr. Yeadon, former Pfizer executive, is the most qualified expert in the world to testify on the topics of COVID-19 injections and natural immunity. Dr. Yeadon provided scientific testimony to the superiority of natural immunity and the failure of any COVID-19 vaccination to prevent infection or transmission. The Department provided no expert rebuttal to Dr. Yeadon’s testimony.

After testimony and closing arguments, the board voted unanimously to deliberate in a private session. Following a brief recess, the board returned with a unanimous decision

to terminate Mr. Kricken for noncompliance with their farcical mandate. Mr. Kricken will appeal. AFLDS will continue to follow Mr. Kricken’s story.

The entire hearing may be accessed here, but was not yet available at the time of this press release.


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