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America’s Frontline Doctors Announces Legal Victory Against the University of Nevada Reno to Stop Mandatory Vaccination and Discrimination

On November 8, 2021, healthy college student Jonah Gold filed a powerhouse constitutional lawsuit against the University of Nevada Reno and State Governor Sisolak for attempting to mandate Covid-19 vaccination on all students. Fourteen top medical experts filed supportive declarations standing with Jonah in favor of natural immunity.

This week on December 21st, Nevada's elected representatives sided with Jonah by voting against the vaccine mandates. See, KSNV Staff (December 22, 2021). Nevada COVID-19 vaccine mandates expire as lawmakers split on approval. NBC News KSNV.

A preponderance of evidence proved that experimental Covid-19 vaccinations would provide zero statistical benefit to Jonah, and risk significant harm. As the Complaint details, the vaccinations also provide no benefit in preventing transmission to other students or faculty. Rather, they increase transmission risks by creating high viral loads in the vaccinated, as detailed in the Complaint. Therefore, Jonah's lawyers argued correctly in court that Covid-19 vaccination would only be a type of medical ritual with no actual medical benefit for either Jonah or public health.

Jonah's lawyers did not mince words but proclaimed boldly in the court documents, "To be perfectly clear, one hundred and fifteen years after Jacobson, the law and justice confirm that the government does not have the right to sacrifice an individual, in this case, one Jonah Gold."

Attorney Joey Gilbert stated, “Jonah Gold’s courage should be an example for others. I’m happy to know he’s now registering for classes and living a normal college student’s life. I also applaud the Republican party for coming together to set this precedent for science and logic. This case makes it abundantly clear: Covid mandates are a political power grab and have nothing to do with public health.”

Although Jonah can now register and attend classes as a free and unvaccinated young man, he will likely still face discriminatory testing and regulations restricting his rights. The science clearly shows Jonah has more robust immunity than any of his vaccinated peers; we hope the University corrects these abhorrent policies.

Following the victory, Jonah reported to America's Frontline Doctors, "I want to thank my legal team and all of the great doctors that stood up for me against Governor Sisolak. Today is a good day. The people of Nevada know that natural immunity works, and we're not willing to just pretend that it doesn't. I think this victory shows that when we respect our Constitution, everyone wins."

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