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America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Takes Aim at The Intercept

Naples, FL—America's Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) announced today it intends to file suit against The Intercept for defamatory publication. AFLDS has retained noted attorney Steven Biss to stop defamatory statements and seek financial damages from The Intercept, largely funded by billionaire Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. 

On February 14, 2022, The Intercept ran a blatant hit piece designed to interfere with founder, physician and attorney, Dr. Simone Gold's medical license and with ALFDS's organization. Dr. Gold, an emergency room physician, formed AFLDS to help stop the medical tyranny that has taken hold of the country and world. Virtually everything printed in the article is false, including implying this is a Project Veritas initiative. AFLDS is inspired by Project Veritas’ unwavering commitment to hold power brokers accountable. Christian Hartsock did not do any actual work on the project nor did any other PV staff. Christian is a friend, but he was not involved in the production of this project.

The article falsely calls AFLDS "disinformation doctors." Dr. Gold explains, "My words have been proven true time and time again, including most recently two weeks ago, by Johns Hopkins University. 21 months ahead of Johns Hopkins, in May 2020, I was the first doctor to publicly call the nation’s attention to the lethal effects of the lockdowns. Even two years later the media continues the lie, this time by a complete news blackout of the Johns Hopkins study by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC.”

"Independent physicians like myself continue to inform all people about the efficacy of early treatment and the widespread failure of informed consent for the experimental injections. That there are no long-term studies; that there is extensive data proving the shots cause deadly clots; that natural immunity is superior; and that alternative safe treatments are available is not disinformation: that's information that is being censored by specific persons who have financial and political reasons to lie to the public."

The Intercept defamatorily accuses AFLDS of "accost[ing]" Kristina Lawson, the California Medical Board's president in an undercover exposé titled Doc Tracy: Physician Investigator. The Intercept is lying. "For this undercover series, we adhered to the highest ethical standards to uncover egregious wrongdoing by the medical establishment. The claims by The Intercept and Lawson's claims she was 'ambushed' are utterly unfounded.” 

Dr. Gold added, "I'm an advocate for Constitutionally protected free speech, which does not protect lies and falsehoods. You cannot maliciously malign someone, accuse them falsely of harassing a member of the medical board. Undercover journalism is a legitimate means for uncovering truth in a free society. The Intercept is engaged in trying to take out doctors who are acting honorably."

Attorney Steven Biss, who represents high profile individuals, such as Devin Nunez in his defamation suits, said, "We intend to put an end to The Intercept."

AFLDS's Associate Medical Director Dan Stock stated, "The Intercept is involved in a campaign to destroy Dr. Gold and AFLDS. It invokes the cancel culture on Joe Rogan's Spotify channel, it goes after Dr. Malone, falsely stating he's discredited, he's not, that's not true. It's the mainstream media who is promoting disinformation about the vaccine's efficacy and safety, not Dr. Gold."

Mr. Omidyar has reportedly donated $1.5 million to the World Economic Forum and he collaborates with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a worldwide digital identity initiative. His motivation is clear, he's deliberately trying to take out dissenting opinions using his money and libel.


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