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AFLDS Explores How Public Health Hysteria Degrades Our Laws in New Issue Brief

Latest policy document supports strengthening legal protections for ordinary citizens threatened by government, private interests Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) today released their latest Issue Brief, “Safeguarding a Rights-Based Society: How Public Health Hysteria Degrades Our Laws,” which opposes civil liberties violations such as vaccine mandates and offers a fresh take on legal options for ordinary citizens threatened by intrusive government action and private interests. The Issue Brief is available here. Among other things, the document points out that Congress passed legislation in 1996 that required every immigrant entering the United States, or every individual seeking adjustment of status to that of a legal permanent resident, show proof that he or she was vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). These VPDs include mumps, measles, rubella, and polio. However, all have a pre-vaccination mortality rate higher than COVID-19. Furthermore, mandatory vaccinations would offer no path to informed consent, a staple of international law and medical ethics. Under HIPAA, employers cannot use vaccine status (“personal health information”) to discriminate against current or prospective employees. AFLDS believes business owners and concerned citizens can resist these emerging challenges to personal liberty and privacy by pooling their legal resources together. One useful example of this collective approach to problem-solving comes to us from the world of healthcare finance. Association plans allow the uninsured across various sectors to buy into lower-cost plans for themselves and their employees. Individuals threatened with loss of legal rights should be allowed to form legal cooperatives in much the same way, the Issue Brief goes on to suggest. “The US cannot have a rights-based society if after every infection spike unelected bureaucrats are empowered to shut down businesses and quarantine individual citizens. The rule of law must be respected, and balanced, with the need to mitigate viral spread in the community,” said AFLDS. “Today the United States stands on the precipice of an experiment in mass vaccination and state surveillance. America’s Frontline Doctors believes this is the wrong path for our country. The US and its tradition of individual rights and the rule of law remain compatible with public health mitigation, despite what unelected bureaucrats and their allies in the media may claim. ”Read the new AFLDS Issue Brief, “Safeguarding a Rights-Based Society: How Public Health Hysteria Degrades Our Laws,” on their website.

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