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AFLDS and Dr. Simone Gold File Countersuit Against Rogue Lawyer Attempting Hostile Takeover of Non-Profit

The Other Side of the Story: Meticulous Complaint Exposes Shocking Corruption Campaign by Joey Gilbert

NAPLES, Fla. – As promised, the sensationalized claims of financial improprieties recently cast against America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) and its Founder and President Dr. Simone Gold were shown to be not only false but blatantly manipulated to create a malicious attack against the renowned medical and civil rights champion.

Rogue board member and attorney Joseph “Joey” Gilbert, whose pattern of corruption across multiple arenas has recently been rising to the surface in numerous reports, filed a frivolous lawsuit against Gold in federal court several weeks ago, and apparently in the wrong venue, which failed to meet certain basic requirements for urgent consideration and disposition, thereby prompting the federal judge’s denial of Gilbert’s attempted Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) action and subsequent scheduling of a review to further consider jurisdictional concerns.

But Gilbert’s malfeasance was not limited to legal technicalities, as shown by a subsequent lawsuit just filed by AFLDS against Gilbert, a now-disgraced former AFLDS director, which is a detailed account of his treacherous activities stretching back nearly a year and most recently while Gold was indisposed for several months this summer. The complaint, properly filed in state court in Arizona where AFLDS was originally incorporated, reads like an intelligence agency espionage report. The sustained deception and sabotage of Gilbert’s actions are disturbing. Although previously assumed to be a person supporting medical freedom, his checkered past includes numerous indications of cheating and ethical breaches, leading to a predictable temptation to act corruptly in a position of trust and leadership. Tragically, he followed through on that tendency with extensive and appalling misconduct, greatly harming Gold and many others at AFLDS, as well as unfairly harming the life-saving mission of the organization, and the millions across the world who benefit from and support it.

Comparisons to another corrupt lawyer have been noted, correlating the slanderous projection and self-destructive trajectory of Gilbert’s slide to the spectacular implosion and demise of Michael Avenatti, leading to Gilbert’s recent moniker of “Avenatti-Lite”, a reference to his history of cheating in professional boxing and other ethical breaches.

While the dispute remains in litigation, Gold has limited her comment on the matter pending further court action, but she continues to assure the public and the many supporters of AFLDS across the nation that “AFLDS remains in pursuit of its mission to provide the public with accurate and independent information related to science, medicine, and civil liberties.Attorney Jose Jimenez added “the facts are clear and fully documented, and we are confident the legal process will fully exonerate Dr. Gold as AFLDS’ President and courageous leader and allow AFLDS to continue its critical mission of saving lives and preserving our civil liberties.”



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