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Freedom to Achieve the American Dream

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination, and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand”.

- Harry S. Truman

Freedom to Pursue the American Dream

Welcome to Revive Business

We are in the fight of our lives for our livelihoods and our country! It is critical that we come together to support businesses that value foundational American principles and to build more freedom and flexibility into our workplaces. Businesses closing from the impacts of mandates and lockdowns and employees losing their jobs are beginning to say, “That’s Enough!”

When we choose to take a stand for our fundamental rights, we will be confronted with fear and uncertainty. Citizen Corps is here to help you connect with other brave individuals and businesses, to provide resources for your existing business and information on starting your own business. Explore these pages for business listings, opportunities, resources and inspiration.

Welcome to Revive Business

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To find businesses and employers that support your freedom and personal choice:

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To find businesses that produce products that are Made in the USA:

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LA County café owner “This fight is about defending our freedoms.”:

Texas salon owner jailed for defying governor’s order freed

Watch: Members of Congress Visit Only Restaurant in DC Defying Mandates; Owner Gets Emotional as He Explains His Fight Trying to Stay Open:

Brave Businesses Speak Out

Find encouragement and inspiration from businesses fighting mandates and shutdowns:

New Jersey Gym Owner Ian Smith speaks about keeping his gym open:

Tennessee Pastor Greg Locke talks about keeping his church open:

Please note that the information, websites, and listings included here are provided as resources only. Some of these have been promoted by freedom fighters, businesses, and organizations and while sources have been researched, their inclusion here is not an endorsement by AFLDS.
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