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The Media-Planted Propaganda of the CIC

Exposing the CIC’s reliance on the mockingbird media to do its dirty work. 

As we previously discussed, the 4 key pillars of The Censorship Industrial Complex (CIC) are Censorship, Propaganda, Forced Compliance, and Unpunished Defamation. Knowing the role that each pillar plays is crucial to understanding how the CIC operates and how we can defeat it.

Propaganda[1] is defined as “The systematic dissemination of information, esp. in a biased or misleading way, in order to promote a particular cause or point of view, often a political agenda.”

Media-planted propaganda is an essential tool of the Censorship Industrial Complex. Congress’ disgraceful witch hunt against Dr. Gold and AFLDS is an alarming example of how the government (a willing participant of the CIC) relies entirely on the media to do its dirty work.

A Propaganda-Fueled Witch Hunt 

In October 2021, Dr. Gold received a 7-page letter from Congressman James Clyburn, Chairman of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis, threatening her with being subpoenaed by Congress. Mr. Clyburn accused AFLDS of being a “predatory actor capitalizing on the COVID crisis” by touting “misinformation” and using it to market disproven and potentially hazardous treatments. Clyburn went on to accuse AFLDS of offering paid online consultations and prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin, “reportedly” generating millions of dollars in revenue for the organization. However, these brazen accusations were unequivocally and verifiably false. What was the source Clyburn based his allegations on? He relied solely on articles put out by “news” outlets such as Time and The Intercept who were all parroting the same false narrative. Congressman Clyburn didn't bother to vet the information for accuracy.

As pointed out to the Committee by AFLDS’ legal counsel, America’s Frontline Doctors did not provide telemedicine services or medications, nor did it receive referral payments from third parties who do so. It’s evident that Clyburn and his Committee operated without exercising any due diligence before hurdling such serious allegations at an upstanding civil liberties organization and threatening Dr. Gold with a Congressional subpoena. It’s obvious that the Committee’s accusations lacked a thorough understanding of AFLDS’ day-to-day operations and even what qualifies one to be a medical provider. The truth is that this investigation of a private citizen was not based on any factual evidence but on baseless propaganda created by a mainstream media that was all too willing to play their role as agents of the CIC. The targeting of AFLDS and Dr. Gold for these “crimes” was only made possible by propaganda and those nefarious enough to wield it. In short, the media planted the lies, which were then used as the basis for the Committee’s fraudulent investigation. Sound familiar? Russiagate anyone?

In December 2022, Congressman Clyburn and his Committee released their final report. Despite the undeniable evidence submitted to them by AFLDS and the testimony provided by the telemedicine company (,  there was zero mention of America’s Frontline Doctors in their report - which was equivalent to a full exoneration. The Committee’s frivolous 15-month investigation and shameful waste of taxpayer dollars ended with no semblance of an apology to Dr. Gold or the American people. They just slipped away.

This is how it works. The government chooses their target. The media plants the propaganda. Attacks are launched by the government and the media in their respective spheres. If the target succumbs, there is a media feast. If the target prevails, there are no retractions or apologies. The government and media simply move on to the next victim. This is the modus operandi of the Censorship Industrial Complex.

Coming Soon to A Doctor Near You

The targeting of Dr. Gold and AFLDS by the Censorship Industrial Complex is not the first time that these diabolical tactics have been used in an effort to silence dissenting voices - and it certainly won’t be the last. Despite the CIC failing in their efforts to remove Dr. Gold from the public discourse surrounding COVID-19 and its aftermath, they will undoubtedly deploy these tactics in the future. COVID will not be the last pandemic and the CIC will always seek to tear down their opposition with propaganda. If these methods can be used against an outstanding citizen physician with an immaculate record like Dr. Gold, they will unquestionably be used against the next doctor who speaks out against the government-approved narrative. And this next doctor could be your own. 

COVID-19 has further revealed the blueprint for how the Censorship Industrial Complex uses the media as superspreaders of propaganda to discredit their enemies. This also gives us a much greater understanding of how it operates. In turn, we now have even more undeniable proof that the CIC can only succeed through compliance. We cannot be silent. “We the People” MUST make our voices heard! 

Dr. Gold refused to bend her knee to a long line of elites, including Congress. She stood her ground against clear and present tyranny. This is a firm reminder that we must all do the same the next time tyrants come knocking at our door.

Stay tuned - We will keep you updated on our unwavering mission to expose the Censorship Industrial Complex and their propaganda-pushing media allies. 


Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."