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The Flu Vaccine-An Inside Look

October 31, 2022 – Flu Shot + Covid Jab: Double Protection or Double Trouble?

Corporate media sources, big pharma, and big tech are diligently pushing the need to be double vaccinated against influenza and Covid-19 this winter. Some of these media outlets are further recommending that people get both shots at once. But, is this recommendation based on sound scientific and medical evidence? 

Let’s face it, over the last couple of decades, the public has become very accepting of an impending flu season every year and an annual “flu shot.” 

At the October 22, 2022, Florida COVID Summit, Dr. Robert Malone reported the annual flu vaccine program is “built on a lie.”  Dr. Malone said:

It's wrapped around the idea that we should coerce the population to take a product on an annual basis so that we can maintain warm base manufacturing in case something like 1918 ever happens again. And it's all built basically on a lie.[1]

In the words of AFLDS doctor, Ryan Cole, M.D., “There is no such thing as flu and cold season.  There is only low Vitamin D season.”[2]

In considering making a policy statement regarding the need for both Covid-19 and Flu booster shots this year, we considered:

  1. Whether vaccination was shown to be effective at preventing illness and hospitalization; and, 
  2. Whether repeated booster vaccinations might be associated with an increased likelihood of immunological dysfunction. 

Taking the flu shot does NOT promise protection for yourself or others 

Like the Covid-19 “vaccine,” the flu shot is not a traditional vaccine.  It does not confer immunity.  At best, it works only against a selected strain of the flu.[3] A Cochran review showed that 70 people need to be vaccinated to prevent one person from getting the flu, and 29 people needed to be vaccinated to prevent one case of influenza-like illness.[4] Moreover, vaccination against influenza had little impact on the rates of hospitalization due to flu.[5]">[/Fn] [6] The effectiveness of the new Covid-19 booster against the Omicron variant remains unknown. Importantly, natural immunity resulting from infection with either influenza or Covid-19 provides excellent protection against both infection and severe illness.[7] A large study out of Qatar showed that previous infection with any Covid-19 variant produced 100% protection against severe reinfection within the next year.[8] [9]Again, here’s more proof that our own immune systems are far superior to the laboratory-created “vaccines” being pushed on us from every direction. 

Repeated vaccination increases the risk

Concerningly, repeated vaccination for these respiratory viruses does have some downsides. [10] Studies have shown that people repeatedly vaccinated against either influenza or Covid-19 are more likely to contract and be hospitalized for these illnesses than the less vaccinated and unvaccinated.[11] [12] This is due to a complex, biological phenomenon known as “original antigenic sin.” 

On October 26, 2022, episode of RFK Jr’s The Defender Podcast, Dr. Malone explained how flu shots make you more susceptible to illness through original antigenic sin, which is also called “immune imprinting.”

          If you come to grips with the truth of immune imprinting in influenza, you realize the logic of an annual influenza vaccine is driving our patients to an immunologic place in which the vaccines will become less and less effective over time. In fact, that is what we see.  We see effectiveness for influenza vaccine now running in the 20-30% range routinely and we are all accepting that. When I started in influenza that would have been shocking.  We were up in the 60-70% range [effectiveness]. [13]

Researchers have also found that repeated vaccination over a short period can lead to the dysfunction of T-cells. Chronic stimulation of T-cells may lead to T-cell exhaustion where they no longer respond to pathogens. [14] When T-cells are stimulated past the point of exhaustion, they may mount an aberrant hyper-response that can in some cases result in an autoimmune disorder.[15] It is common sense to understand that partaking in too much of anything is unlikely to yield a positive outcome, and vaccination is no exception.  There are no other vaccines that require you to take them once, or multiple times a year. Caution should be exercised for anyone considering taking repeated injections, especially when combining the covid and flu vaccines into the same office visit.  

For more information, our Novavax Issue Brief, The Facts on Novavax, can be read here. 


There are simple and natural treatments for viral respiratory illness.  Dr. David Brownstein has been effectively treating viral respiratory illness for many years by supporting the immune system and recently published this protocol that he found to be effective for COVID in addition to standard respiratory illnesses, such as influenza. 

  • Vitamin A: 100,000 IU/day (emulsified) for 4 days
  • Vitamin C: 1,000 mg/hour while awake in the form of ascorbic acid until bowel tolerance (loose stool) for 4 days
  • Vitamin D3: 50,000 IU/day (emulsified) for 4 days
  • Iodine: 25 mg/day in the form of Lugol's solution or tableted Lugol's Iodine

Dr. Browstein's book A Holistic Approach to Viruses is a great resource for you and your family and includes his published research using this protocol.

As always, we at AFLDS always advocate for natural prevention methods such as a healthy diet, plenty of water, lots of exercise, stress reduction, and spending quality time doing the things you love to do with the people you love.  When you need more, the resources at are always here to aid in your health self-empowerment. 






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