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The California Medical Board: Playing Their Role in Tyranny’s Endgame

Dr. Gold’s landmark free speech case against the California Medical Board (CMB) is a firm reminder that tyranny can only be achieved once those courageous enough to stand in the way are silenced.

The California Medical Board (CMB) placed their crosshairs on Dr. Gold in December 2021, accusing her of spreading misinformation and threatening her doctor’s license. 

As previously reported, Dr. Gold and her legal team concluded a grueling 3-day long medical licensing hearing with the CMB. A decision in this landmark free speech case is expected around December 15.

Dr. Gold's impeccable decades-long career, supported by character witnesses and sworn declarations from medical freedom doctors and emergency physician colleagues, completely undermined the CMB's dubious charges against her. 

A Dangerous Precedent

As was to be expected, the CMB’s misinformation narrative collapsed under the weight of its own deception so they attempted to conflate it with an unrelated misdemeanor trespass conviction, deeming it “unprofessional conduct.” However, the CMB has no regulatory authority over misdemeanors "unrelated to the practice of medicine.” 

Allowing the CMB to have authority over areas unrelated to the practice of medicine would set a dangerous precedent for business license holders in the state and the entire country. The tyranny given an inch in California, will take more than a mile as it spreads across this great nation. Our government must not be allowed to steal your livelihood over dissenting opinions. 

Pawns of Tyranny

The California Medical Board’s mission is to “protect healthcare consumers and prevent harm…” but their actions taken against Dr. Gold, along with our prior report, paint a diametrically opposed picture. The CMB has gone to great lengths to silence and discredit brave physicians speaking out against the government narrative. 

The CMB supported AB 2098, the state’s 2023 short-lived tyrannical misinformation and disinformation law which has since been repealed. Silencing Dr. Gold and America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) was the specific objective of the bill and both were named multiple times in Committee hearings supporting the bill.

The overarching question is why would the CMB so aggressively target the free speech of a beloved physician with a proven track record and whose sole mission is to bring life-saving information to the entire world? The answer is simple. 

Through the work of AFLDS and GoldCare, Dr. Gold brings the light of truth in a time of ever encroaching darkness, saving countless lives through her valiant efforts no matter what consequences they bring. Removing a bold and fearless fighter like Dr. Gold from the public discourse would bring them one step closer to their tyrannical endgame. 

The CMB is a tool of the Medical Industrial Complex. The board is only playing their role in silencing those with the loudest voices. Much like the attacks on Donald Trump, they are not actually after the doctors, they are going after you  and your freedoms. Freedom doctors are just standing in the way.

Unfortunately for them, Dr. Gold will always stand in the way of tyranny.

Stay tuned - We will keep you updated on this historic case and significant turning point in American history!


Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom."