Vaccine-pushing Austrian MP collapses in Parliament

“We are vaccinated!”

Austrian Parliament Member Eva María Holzleitner (Social Democratic Party of Austria) today collapsed in the midst of a speech in Parliament.

Holzleitner is a COVID-19 vaccine pusher; her Instagram account admonishes followers to “Trust in the results and tests of science: The skepticism about becoming sterile through the corona vaccination is unfounded! We are vaccinated!”

She continues: “Vaccination is essential to get the pandemic under control together and in solidarity. It is important that there is low-threshold, easily accessible information about vaccination in order to dispel prejudice, fears, and fake news – on the channels that young people use most often.

“We four party representatives agree and recommend everyone not to trust the fake ‘experts’, but rather those experts who really understand something because they have the appropriate training and many years of experience.”

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