$1 million challenge: Have COVID vaccines killed ~200,000 Americans?

MIT alumnus Steve Kirsch delivered public testimony at an FDA open hearing on why COVID vaccines should be immediately halted.

The presentation can be viewed, downloaded, and printed here. Kirsch offers one million dollars to anyone who can disprove his thesis that there are now over 100,000 deaths of Americans caused by the COVID vaccines in a moderated discussion with a neutral moderator and platform.

Executive summary:

  1. CDC, FDA, NIH are spreading misinfo on vax vs. early treatment: Early treatment is being deliberately sabotaged;
  2. The data is clear: all the “experts” are wrong about vax safety;
  3. Our medical freedoms are being stripped away;
  4. Nobody prominent will challenge my conclusions with a better analysis even with large $ incentives;
  5. Debates → Government-driven censorship and intimidation;
  6. CDC and FDA won’t engage or investigate fraud;
  7. Medical recommendations are now being driven by the White House;
  8. Vaccines don’t offer an all-cause morbidity or mortality benefit;
  9. Geert Vanden Bossche was right: vaccinate mid-pandemic → disaster.
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