The Danger of Cancelation in Medicine

Cancel culture is defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary as “the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of disapproval and exerting social pressure.” This practice has flourished in recent years because it is a simple and effective way to silence an opponent’s ideas, thus eliminating their impact. In the present age of social media, “canceling” selected voices is powerful weaponry used by those who control those media platforms. Rather than being forced to compete with opposing viewpoints through the use of logic, common sense, ethics, or evidential experience, they can simply “erase” anything they dislike or disagree with.


A free society must consistently and staunchly oppose cancel culture. Silencing speech is a hallmark of communist regimes, not of free nations. In recent years, however, gagging the conservative constitutionalist has become both common and accepted, setting a course for a very dangerous destination. If you ask those who encourage such silencing, they openly claim that cancelation is necessary and long overdue. For an American citizen who values liberty, this is very alarming.


The implications of cancel culture in politics should be obvious–but what happens when cancel culture infects the world of medicine? What purpose could it serve for those who spread it? Political power? Financial interest? Research advantages? What is the desired outcome, and do the ends ever justify the means? Unless we fully understand the design of this cancelation infiltrating the medical field, we will continue spinning in its vortex, with devastating consequences.


Enter the COVID-19 pandemic. The viral group “coronaviridae” consists of glycoprotein-encapsulated RNA viruses that infect amphibians, birds and mammals. Despite all the mystery and confusion surrounding the origin and spread of this particular coronavirus strain, and whatever you may think about its viral characteristics, we know that the coronaviruses have been around for a long time. We understand that coronaviruses mutate rapidly, and therefore new strains are common. We also have survived many pandemics more severe than that of 2020. Why then are we seeing the cancelation of those who are telling us not to panic and who are effectively treating COVID-19 patients early on with excellent outcomes? Why are we seeing billboards in every direction that shout “SAVE LIVES—WEAR A MASK,” when decades of scientific research including during this pandemic, has consistently shown the mask to have no benefit in mitigating viral infection? And why have so many people willingly complied with illegitimate executive overreach pushing the masking, social distancing, and lockdowns that have been the ruin of millions of people across the globe? Why do we suddenly have such a pervasive push to vaccinate the entire healthy population against a virus that has a 99.7 percent survival rate?


In the current storm of misinformation, it’s no wonder people are living in a state of perpetual fear. People fear what they don’t know, and this confusion is a direct result of cancel culture. Those in control of the information platforms don’t want you to know that the mask is worthless, or that lockdowns have actually increased viral infections, or that the effects of social distancing and shuttering schools, churches, and small businesses have all been extremely damaging to our personal and social health. They would prefer you believe there is no treatment for COVID-19, in order to justify these communistic controls, when in fact early treatment works extremely well, as does liberty and common sense.


The one question too often ignored is why. Why would anyone want to cancel life-saving information?


When nothing seems to make sense, that question is a fundamental starting point, and one that cancel culture aims to erase. Searching for truthful answers can become a life-saving endeavor. If you are challenging the corporate narrative and searching for truth, then you are wise. Ignorance belongs to the fool, and deadly consequences are his reward.


Nothing is more detrimental to physical and emotional health than living in fear. Nothing reduces fear more than knowing the truth. Protecting the freedom of all voices to be heard, including in healthcare and medicine, is essential to this discovery and to achieving the peace, joy, and prosperity that only freedom can provide.


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