By Dr Pam Shervanick


Today I want to share my hope for our collective futures, and my pride in being a part of this amazing organization, America’s Frontline Doctors.  I want to personally thank Dr. Simone Gold and the hero’s that put fear aside to fight with her.  Although I have had the privilege of being among great people many times in my life, never have I been amongst this caliber of warriors.

Our country was founded by folks like those in AFLDS.  Brave people, empathic, caring, and unwilling to compromise their principles to fit anyone’s narratives but the actual truth.  These are true heroes.  Their dedication would amaze you.  Especially those who are behind the scenes, who have given up their personal lives to make this organization that is fighting tyranny a reality.  Let them be an inspiration to us all.

If you are reading this article, then I do not need to belabor the points of deception we have been subjected to, nor do I need to explain the unconstitutionality of the present circumstances in our great country.  If you are reading this, then that hero lives within you as well.  I don’t know all the readers and supporters of AFLDS personally, but I wish that I did.  Your support has created a momentum that cannot and will not be stopped.  Thank you for that.  Let’s keep going…. This is America.  We can and will prevail.

I believe we are at a crossroads right now.  Which path will we choose?  The answer is yet to be seen, so let’s continue to come together in the name of truth.  This division among us has a silver lining showing us who our hearts are truly aligned with.  Let’s keep coming together, organizing, helping.  No one can do it alone.  Even if you feel alone, and so many of us have for so long, I promise that you are not alone.  Being ostracized can make us feel that there is no point to moving forward, but that is simply an illusion.  There are many out there like you. I am one.  Let’s keep going.  Let’s come together.  Together we cannot be stopped.

Stay strong.  Feel the fear, but do not let it affect your judgment.  Trust your truth, find those of like mind.  For there is strength in numbers, exponentially so.  The only thing that has ever changed a country is a small group of citizens coming together.  That formed our great nation and many others.

Perhaps the Utopia we are fighting for will soon be upon us, and we can all finally meet and give each other a long-awaited hug.  But if we do not have the opportunity to meet in person, please know that I, and the warrior doctors, lawyers, and citizens of this organization are honored to stand with you.  Thank you for supporting us, for trusting us, and for paying it forward.

“Live as you wish, and pay whatever price is necessary” – Richard Bach

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