Personal Encounters with a Pandemic

Never did I think that after sending my twins off to college in the fall of 2019 that they would be back home following spring break. As freshmen about to embark on a new chapter in their lives, I could not have imagined they would return home so quickly due to unprecedented national lockdowns. My husband and I were just getting used to being empty nesters…and then life changed, dramatically.

I am a full-time online medical consultant accustomed to being home alone during the day. Suddenly, I had 2 kids at home doing online classes, isolated from the college experiences and independence they wanted to enjoy. Simultaneously, my husband was nearby trying to teach math to his 7th grade students on zoom. Finding a spot with decent Wi-Fi was a daunting task as our internet bandwidth was quickly maxed out. Peace was shattered with barking dogs and meowing cats adding to the chaos.

As the virus spread, doctors all over the world were researching possible treatment options for COVID-19. I was asked by one of my telemedicine companies if I would be willing to learn from Dr. Zelenko, a family physician who publicized a treatment protocol for the disease. That plan included hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc. I jumped at the opportunity to uncover a viable treatment option and began consulting with patients in the 12 states where I am licensed.

Finally, in August my twins returned to their college campuses and my husband returned to work at his normal school location. Based on my research, I placed all of them on a preventative regimen of HCQ and zinc. Not even two weeks later my son called from school, saying he had been exposed to the virus. My son was born with congenital heart disease and had a mechanical aortic valve replacement at the age of 16 and is on permanent blood thinners; Coronavirus was not what I wanted to hear. Of course, as both his mom and as a doctor, I was very concerned, but I believe the HCQ + zinc regimen protected him. He has subsequently been exposed several more times and has remained negative.

Next, my daughter called me from her campus to let me know she had also been exposed. In fact, her entire cross-country team tested positive for COVID. My daughter did not. She lives in a unit with several other girls, and she was the only one who never had symptoms or a positive test. She later volunteered to be a counselor at a church camp and two other counselors fell ill, but my daughter still tested negative.

Again, I attribute that to the HCQ + zinc regimen. My husband likewise has been exposed multiple times by either teachers or students, but he also remains symptom free. I share these stories with my patients online so that they can be reassured that this regimen actually works and it is a viable alternative to experimental vaccines. For such a contagious virus, statistics would predict that someone in my family would catch the disease; yet they have not. My personal encounter with this pandemic shows that a sensible treatment protocol offers a successful preventive option for the disease, and a return to common sense is just what the doctor, and mom, ordered.

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