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Dr. Lynn Fynn

Should We Immunize the Immune?

by Dr. Lynn Fynn   Vaccines serve a purpose. The first vaccine was created in 1796 for the eradication of smallpox. Since then, the purpose has remained the same; vaccines mitigate death and stop the spread of a virulent infectious disease among the populous. This goal is achieved by introducing a non-infectious, antigenic portion of …

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Who Spiked the Shot?

Now that COVID-19 vaccinations are in full force, clinicians are observing many unusual illnesses that require further investigation. Oftentimes, doctors, practitioners and nurses must put on their private investigator hats when searching for the root of a condition. Here is an example. I am currently investigating a group of 4 girls in a military academy …

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Is an EUA an FDA Approval?

During Health and Human Services (HHS) public health emergencies, our health organizations take special measures to facilitate solutions to the crisis. These measures often include assigning special advisory committees and setting aside specific funds for the research, development, and implementation of assay development, that is the development of new drugs. HHS additionally fund treatment and …

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Too Much of a Good Thing?

Ultimately, our rush for pandemic solutions points to vaccines. Though I am not “anti-vax” in nature, I do think that all vaccines require a risk assessment prior to administration. Are patients at particularly high risk if they acquire natural infection? Are there pre-existing comorbidities or allergies that would make vaccination an inappropriate decision? Is the …

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Variants Or Scariants?

Viral mutation is a natural part of the lifespan of a new virus. Dramatic headlines of impending doom are often historically unwarranted, yet such headlines continue as little more than ill-informed discussion of a natural process that does not necessarily have a negative impact. What is the purpose of these headlines? Are they designed to …

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