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The Love Of A Family Is Life’s Greatest Blessing

Family is where the heart is

Families are the bedrock of civilization.

The tyrannical measures taken since the onset of COVID in early 2020 have greatly diminished the values our society holds for family. Extended family has been outlawed while even nuclear families have been asked to keep distance and “mask up”. Parenting is an inalienable right granted by our Creator, and we intend to preserve the freedom to raise up family with faith and values. Our fight for freedom is a fight for our families.

Fredom America's Inalienable

How to strength a family relationships/bonds:

Freedom Faith Organization

How to Build a Strong Family:

Things we can all do to keep our relationships mature and strong:


- Prioritize time with family


- Don’t let tyrannical measures interfere


- Attend parent/teacher conferences. Stay involved


- Protect freedom at all costs for future generations

All great change in America begins at the dinner table

- Ronald Reagan

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