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Welcome to the Citizens Corps Community!

Together we empower patriots across America to defend our Nation’s Future, one community at a time.

“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.”

- Admiral William Frederick Halsey, Jr., World War II Commander, Third Fleet, United States Navy.

Fredom America's Inalienable

Who We Are

AFLDS Citizen Corps is a tribe of grassroots, peace loving liberty warriors who are here to support our communities, inspire impact, and empower others to stand for liberty and justice for ALL. Citizens Corps is on a mission to awaken the sleeping lion of American liberty and light the path for humanity around the world.

Our mission is to take back the freedoms that corrupt corporations, politicians, and talking heads in the media have attempted to take from us. With your involvement, we provide We The People with the tools and research needed to guide our country back to our founding principles.

Join us to peacefully defend liberty and restore freedom.

We need YOU to be a champion for liberty!

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Support the cause

Donations raised will support our efforts to educate the American public and political leaders.