Rabbi Michoel Green: Green Passport ‘leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return’

Rabbi Michoel Green: Green Passport ‘leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return’

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Massachusetts Chabad emissary Rabbi Michoel Green today issued an open letter in which he said the Green Passport is a “one-way passport that leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return.”

In February, Rabbi Green was disavowed by the Chabad Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch organization for his public stance on medical freedom issues.

His full letter reads:

To all my friends who accept the COVID narrative and believe that the government is sincerely trying to keep you safe from an allegedly deadly coronavirus:

Please be advised:

Discriminatory “Vaccine Passports” are here, just as I predicted many months ago. In the very near future, non-vaccinated people will no longer be able to travel, attend gyms, theaters, and other public places, work, or even shop for essentials like food. They will soon be regarded as untouchables, prohibited from attending school or participating in society, stripped of all rights and civil liberties.

HIPAA laws, right to informed consent, Nuremburg Code, First Amendment, etc, are all things of the past. Covid has vanquished them all.

Of course, this comes as no surprise. It has obviously been their agenda from day one.

When I began to voice my dire predictions, most of you shook your head in disbelief. Some of you called me eccentric and divisive, accused me of spreading conspiracy theories. Some of you called me ‘anti-science’ and stopped following me.

Some friends tried to assure me that such human rights abuses would never happen here in the USA.

Oy. How wrong you were.

Let it be known that I am NOT happy to have been proven right.

I get ZERO satisfaction by being vindicated as my predictions materialize.

I do NOT feel the slightest gratification by saying “I told you so” since I truly wish it weren’t so. I am deeply aggrieved that it is so.

Moreover, I am solemnly anticipating the next phase of tyranny once we transition from medical apartheid to full-blown police state.

Brace yourselves for mass-marginalization, deportations, door-to-door coerced injections, sterilization, starvation, and all other “public health measures” that are ready to appear on the horizon.

For all you COVID believers, please accept my sincere words of rebuke:

You stood by silently and complicity while this all unraveled before your very eyes.

You cooperated with everything.
You masked.
You ran to get injected.
You posted a photo on social media boasting compliance with your ‘civic duty.’
You ridiculed noncompliant folks like me.

You stood by silently while your govt and media stifled dissent and suppressed information.

You were silent when Jews were banned from synagogue, when women were banned from using the mikva, when children banned from attending Talmud Torah.

You voiced no protest when elders were condemned to loneliness and solitude, when millions were reduced to poverty and government dependency.

You shook your head pityingly when I was deplatformed and censored by social media and corrupt Chabad leadership. You nodded in tacit approval.

You were unmoved by the lies, censorship, blatant bias, intimidation, and control.

You rationalized it all thinking that it was truly for the alleged benefit of public health.

You are still silent even now as I write these sobering words. You remain in denial, blissfully ignorant of the dire consequences of your silence. You desperately cling to the utopian illusion fed by your intense normalcy bias.

Most of you won’t even read this till the end because it’s too disturbing for your idyllic tunnel-vision world view.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Please understand:

I do not judge you for silence or complicity. You were misled and indoctrinated by the very institutions upon which you had so innocently relied. Your trust was cynically exploited. Your altruistic compassion was weaponized against you and your loved ones whom you thought you were protecting.

No, I cannot judge you for grave errors of the past.

Instead, I urgently plead with you to stop drinking the kool-aid starting from RIGHT NOW.

Please wake up.

There is no time left for complacency.

Do not let them entice you any longer with the false hope of “returning to normal.”

If you continue to comply, ‘normal’ will be gone forever.

The current “excelsior passport” phase is indeed a one-way passport that leads to nowhere but totalitarian tyranny with no return.

The Time of Redemption is here and now.

Will you be part of the Redemption or do you cling to Exile and bondage?

With whom will you cast your lot? With tyrants? Or with the persecuted minority, huddled masses who yearn to breathe free?

Will you be part of a great exodus or do you choose to remain enslaved to Big Brother and Big Pharma?

Choose wisely, as there is no turning back.

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