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Marta, Franceska, Tanya

Citizen Corps Volunteers from Ohio

Citizen Corps Volunteers from Ohio

Marta contacted Citizen Corps when she discovered that the Uncensored Tour was stopping in her city the same day she organized a screening of Seeing 2020. She is a true patriot and worked with AFLDS to merge the two events and to her credit, this stop on the tour was remarkable! Her dedication, hard work, and beaming spirit was a joy to work with.

Franceska is a freedom organizer in Ohio and passionate about fighting tyranny. She reached out to Citizen Corps to host a screening of Seeing 2020 and had two successful shows. She invited the Director, Adam Mariner to attend as well as Dr. Angie Ferella, MD and Dr. Jana Schmidt, ND for the expert Q&A. Franceska then helped a fellow Ohioan plan another screening! She is a shining example of what being a Citizen Corps member means!

Franceska’s hard work paid off and the room was filled!


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