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Jan 03, 2022


02:39 AM

The yellow elephant in the room

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reposted with permission by Etana Hecht

The global war between Team Freedom and Team Control Freaks is ramping up by the hour. The children's vaccination campaign is getting desperate and losing steam at the same time, as triple-vaccinated people start getting sick all over the place. The restrictions on the “unvaccinated” (which by now means any number of shots that isn’t 3) are getting tighter, then looser, then tighter, then who the hell knows because it changes every single day. What I’m describing is based on my personal experience in Israel, but I could easily be talking about almost any country in the world, save for a precious few locations where the elected officials in government value individual rights and freedoms as much as the citizens do.

As the world turns in chaos, society is realigning itself along brand new fault lines, where religion, class, race, and nationality fall by the wayside, and the one issue that rises to the top as a unifying factor is freedom. There’s a segment of people for whom this was always the top issue, and those are the ones leading this new alliance (Team Freedom). There’s a segment of people who will always align with the “experts” that have been in powerful positions for so long, even though the default position should be to distrust them. Yet there will always be those who trust them for exactly the wrong reasons (Team Control). Then there are those who can feel that something’s wrong, but they can’t identify what it is (Team Confused).

There’s a scary trend that has emerged and is growing strong, and it’s the very controversial and complicated issue of Holocaust comparisons. I want to try to explore this, and understand each side. There’s one side that finds any comparison to the Holocaust off limits, 100%. There are still survivors, and descendants of survivors suffering the effects of the Holocaust who should be respected as its own unique horror that no one else will ever go through. That respect is why my stomach turns in nausea when I see someone use a Yellow Star to mark anything in current times as comparable to Holocaust era events.

Yet, some of those very survivors are the ones who are speaking out about exactly this, with anguish and fear in their words:

They’re telling us they’ve seen this before. Not the actions, but the psychology, the human behavior. They see eerie similarities in the march towards control that seems to be out of the hands of the citizens, and dangerously in the hands of a centralized small group of establishment elites in every country.

Team Freedom sees the comparison as clear as day. While there may be differing opinions on how appropriate a direct Holocaust comparison is, individuals who value freedom and personal choice above the communal good, known these days as “public health”, are getting extremely angry. COVID has become an ideology that doesn’t line up with the facts on the ground, and is based on lies being told by govts around the world every day. People who see the government mandates as a far overreach into their personal lives understand that rarely are governments truly made up of the people, by the people, and for the people. This group runs the gamut from slightly skeptical, to prepping in actual fear of what an out-of-control government is capable of when they hold near-total control over the people.

Team Control truly believes that the data and information being paraded around by the FDA, CDC, Pfizer clinical reports, Health agencies, governments, and Big Tech’s notes pinned on every post is based on truth. They see no reason to distrust the Official Information Funnel that leads from Fauci’s mouth all the way down to your doctor’s inbox. Based on those tightly-held beliefs, they see mandates and restrictions as perfectly reasonable, the way a child would trust their parent. The mere idea of comparing what they view as sensible rules, to a precursor of mass murder is beyond offensive, and equally unfathomable.

So what do we do when we have 2 granddaughters of Holocaust survivors, and even survivors themselves, and they each strongly feel their opinions? One fully feels the need to sanctify the Holocaust by never ever using it in a comparison to anything else. The other has an innate, passionate drive to WARN everyone around them about what happens when you hand over control to a central power.

“We’ve seen this before!” They’re shouting. It’s shocking. Both in the reference to pre-Holocaust times, and the fact that they’re daring to speak it. They know in their very being that a gigantic government/corporate alliance, with unheard of amounts of money and digital control at stake are not to be trusted on ANY level. They understand this in their DNA, and they pass that along to their children and grandchildren.

So what’s our role in this? How do we reconcile those who feel pain when they hear this comparison, with those who feel pain when people won’t listen to them about the eerie similarities that they’re experiencing, as they’re told the “unclean” cannot enter a store?

One thing we should do is just listen and acknowledge. A lot of people are in pain and suffering, no matter which lens they view this through, and try to refrain from judging their choice to either use or ignore Holocaust imagery. Getting angry about that instead of understanding where it’s coming from isn’t going to get us anywhere.

The next thing to understand is that there are clear lines being drawn, and as each side is digging their heels in further, the people on Team Control need to understand that their side won’t hold power forever. There’s a major pushback on the horizon, and those whose livelihood, mental health, relationships, and life plans were trampled on will never forget who the enforcers were. I don’t know what the next few months will look like, although seeing the kind of pushback we’ve seen this week gives me hope. Watch the last 5 minutes of this video, even if you don’t speak Hebrew.

Those who think they can impose masks, vaccine requirements, endless testing, quarantine of healthy children because their classmate has a cold, and the ever-changing travel restrictions without consequence from the people they claim to serve are gravely mistaken. That’s not how the world works, and I sense that we’re close to a turning point, no matter how many more variants get conjured up.

The last question we need to ask ourselves is: Were the enforcers of the rules over a certain segment of society EVER the good guys? Were those who put extreme arbitrary rules in place, one small step at a time, ever happy to simply hand those decisions back to the people? If you can think of a time when that worked out well for all involved, kindly let me know.

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