Israeli media claims only unvaccinated got sick and died

Jan 11, 2022


09:45 AM

But government's own COVID dashboard tells different story

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Posted by Y Rabinovitz


Exhibit one:

So claims the Times of Israel in a tantalizing snippet that was picked up by a number of other media organizations.

Exhibit two (from the Israeli government's own COVID dashboard):


The blue line is for those who are unvaccinated. The light green line is for those whose last vaccine dose was over six months ago. And the strikingly spiking dark green line is for those whose booster shots are up-to-date. The fully vaccinated! This graph shows how many new, serious cases were added to the country's total each day.

The website shows each date separately; tallying the numbers gives the following results for the past three weeks, the period of time mentioned in the news snippet above:

New serious COVID cases, unvaccinated: 183 people

New serious COVID cases, vax-status expired: 37 people

New serious COVID cases, up-to-date, fully vaccinated: 174 people (67 of which were added in the last two days, hence the spike)

Now let's take a look at the second claim made - that all those who died “of COVID” (or is it “with COVID”?) were either unvaccinated or with an “expired” vaccination status. 

Exhibit three:


Here, again, the blue line is the unvaccinated; the light green line is those whose vaccination status has expired with the most recent dose over six months ago; the dark green line is those who are “fully boosted".

Again, for clarity: a tally of those who passed away of/with COVID in the last three weeks:

The unvaccinated: 18 people

Those whose vax-status has expired: 3 people

The fully vaccinated: 8 people


I rest my case.

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