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Fauci Flip-flop:

FOIL Fauci Edition

Another week of meaningless meandering medicine from Biden administration’s chief medical advisor

Los Angeles, CA – America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Fauci Flip-flop weekly roundup, is an ongoing record of the top flubs and flawed advice from President Biden’s chief medical advisor. This week Dr. Fauci ignored science, research and even his own statements yet again, by calling for everyone to be vaccinated regardless of age or risk:

  • He continued to push US healthcare agencies to vaccinate children under 12 against the coronavirus, despite the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association identifying that approximately “1.6% of children with a known case of COVID-19 have been hospitalized and 0.01% have died.”
  • Exchanged sharp words with US Senator Rand Paul during a Senate panel hearing over his lack of evidence of reinfection and death among those with natural or vaccine immunity. Fauci has been mocked for suggesting, baselessly, that these patients should wear one or two masks and continue to socially distance.
  • Engaged in vaccine shaming, suggesting that Trump supporters won’t take the vaccine and called on former President Trump to advise his voters to get vaccinated. (Note: Trump has already weighed in in support of vaccinations, twice.)
  • Appeared on NBC’s “Today” show and suggested that maybe three feet is okay for social distancing in schools despite the CDC months earlier declaring that schools are safe to open. Studies show less than 1% of students and teachers have been infected since schools were reopened.

“Dr. Fauci continues to peddle his patented brand of pessimism in spite of the good news all around us,” said AFLDS. “Is this because Fauci and other technocratic elites are unwilling to give up the expansive powers the mainstream media invested in them? Or is the real reason behind Dr. Fauci’s frequent doomsaying his lack of patient experience and firsthand knowledge of this pandemic’s final phase? Either way, Fauci’s elevated role in this White House illustrates that there’s something sick about Washington, DC.”


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