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Fauci Flip-Flop: Prescription for Fear


Fauci Flip-flop:

Prescription for Fear

Biden chief medical advisor and NIAID director offers more dangerous, confusing remarks

Los Angeles, CA – In America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Fauci Flip-flop weekly roundup, an ongoing compendium of the top flubs and flawed advice from President Biden’s chief medical advisor and careerist head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), we present more contradictory, vague, and unscientific ponderings from Dr. Anthony Fauci:

  • Mused on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the available crop of vaccines and current vaccination schedule would provide a “cushion of effectiveness” against known and emergent variants of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19, offering no direct evidence to support his claim.
  • Appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to make the case for vaccinating healthy children, even though patient experience and clinical study has established that this group is neither a significant vector of transmission nor at risk of dying from COVID-19.
  • In an interview with the Washington Post, maintained his support for a two-shot vaccination regimen using the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna jabs, even though a study in the New England Journal of Medicine determined the efficacy of the first Pfizer dose to be 92.6%.
  • Called some states’ easing of lockdown restrictions, including mandatory facial masking, “ill-advised” in the pages of the Washington Post, suggesting that federal public health officials expect these mitigation efforts to remain in place for years rather than the “months and months” Dr. Fauci predicted in an October 2020 speech at Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsylvania.The flip-flopping on masks, vaccines and other public-health questions is nothing new for Fauci. AFLDS will continue its weekly expose of the White House medical advisor’s best-of-the-worst lowlight.

Said AFLDS, “The US is steadily approaching herd immunity through a combination of natural immunity and access to vaccination. We are on the down slope of this pandemic. Dr. Fauci and other so-called ‘experts’ don’t see it that way. They want to retain power over the American public for as long as possible, even if it means dispensing often contradictory and confusing medical advice, as Fauci regularly does.

“It is past time for the federal government to take appropriate steps to allow the American public a return to a normal life. This includes protection for vulnerable patient populations such as the frail elderly, access to early treatment options for citizens who want them, and an acknowledgement of personal liberty that allows individuals to make up their own minds about their own healthcare needs in consultation with a physician. Dr. Fauci and others appear unable or unwilling to leave the stage, so they linger on, infecting the public health conversation with bad advice based on bad science.”


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