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Fauci Flip-Flop: Keeping Fear Alive


Fauci Flip-flop:

Keeping Fear Alive

Vague advice for vaccinated patients demonstrates NIAID director’s unfitness

Los Angeles, CA – In America’s Frontline Doctors’ (AFLDS) Fauci Flip-Flop, we present a weekly roundup of more contradictory, vague, and unscientific ponderings from President Biden’s top doctor. This week Dr. Fauci:

  • Predicted that Americans could still be wearing facial masks (one or two, maybe three; we’re not sure at this point) in 2022.
  • Offered no direct information about when vaccinated patients could resume basic social activities such as visiting with extended family and friends.
  • Recommended that vaccinated individuals continue to refrain from going to restaurants.

The mixed messaging on masks, vaccines, and other public-health questions is nothing new for Fauci. AFLDS has consistently highlighted how his meandering public statements are at odds with established medical science and patient experience.

Said AFLDS, “The fact remains that COVID-19 has more than a 99% survival rate for infected patients and only poses a serious risk to the frail elderly and those with underlying chronic health conditions.

“Dr. Fauci inexplicably won’t tell the vast majority of Americans it is possible to resume a normal life without severe restrictions. He and our public health non-experts want to pile on the fear and extend this pandemic when it is not medically necessary.

“AFLDS continues to support additional early treatment options for those with mild to moderate symptoms and encourages strategies to protect the aged and vulnerable. That is the best way to ensure we return to normal while leaving intact the personal liberties and constitutional freedoms on which self-government depends.

“If basic medical competence and straight talk are too much to expect out of Dr. Fauci, then perhaps he should be replaced by a physician who has actually treated COVID patients on the front lines of this tragic, but manageable, public health situation.”


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