Ali Shultz, JD

Ali Shultz, JD serves as Legal Director for America’s Frontline Doctors. With her background in law and healthcare, Ali brings a unique and valuable skill set to the fight for freedom. After many years of success in the capital medical industry, Ali felt called to use her ambition to take a stand. Despite her experienced track record of professional accolades, she realized success is superfluous if she has to drop her kids off to school in a mask each day.

She quickly realized “someone else” wasn’t going to fix this for her. She quit corporate America to fight back on behalf of her own children and future generations. Success is nothing without freedom. She takes great pride in strategizing legal issues and remedies, and empowering others to take a stand to protect their own families and medical freedom.  

Freedom is never free. She is putting it all on the line to fight for you and our future generations.

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