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“The time is always right, to do what is right”.

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

What does it mean to be a freedom business?

A freedom business respects your freedom and personal choice. Supporting the Constitution of the United States and standing strong for American values and ideals, a freedom business does not require its employees or customers to wear masks or be injected with the Covid “vaccine”. It encourages free speech and does not insert itself into your personal medical decisions. Nor does it discriminate based on sex, gender, age, race, religion, disability or medical status.

A freedom business knows what America stands for and is ever aware of the many sacrifices and lives lost to build and maintain this beloved country. Freedom businesses play a vital role in the community to help maintain our inalienable rights and support our democratic constitutional republic.

Freedom to Pursue the American Dream

Here are some links to help you find freedom businesses:

Social Media & Technology:

Are you looking for a job with an employer who respects your freedom and personal choice?

If you are "unvaccinated" and looking for work, here are some no-jab job boards that may help:

No vaccine required

Jab Free Jobs:

Red Balloon

No Vax Mandate:

Vaccine Free Jobs

Jobs Not Jabs

Gab Job Board

Time to Free America

Take back control of your career.

PublicQ Jobs

Employee Rights and Resources

If you are "unvaccinated" and looking for work, here are some no-jab job boards that may help:

Vaccine and the law

Masks and the law

Religious Exemptions

Where can I find medical and legal resources on masks?

Where can I find Freedom Attorneys?

Advocates For Faith & Freedom

National Legal Foundation

Thomas More Law Center

Thomas More Society

Christian Legal Society

American Center for Law and Justice

Christian Legal Society

Christian Attorneys of America

Christian Law Association

Christian Law Makers

Pacific Legal


List of lawyers by state

Liberty Counsel

First Liberty Institute

About ADF

Please note that the information, websites, and listings included here are provided as resources only. Some of these have been promoted by freedom fighters, businesses, and organizations and while sources have been researched, their inclusion here is not an endorsement by AFLDS.
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