Whose Science Should We Follow?

Whose Science Should We Follow?

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Why does America’s wealth and purported medical expertise not produce better COVID care for its citizens?

There are 215 hospitals in New York state.[1]   There are 113 hospitals in New Jersey.[2]   There are 97 hospitals in Massachusetts.[3]   Five of the nation’s top 20 hospitals are located in these three states.  Prominent NY Hospitals include NYP/Columbia, Weill Cornell, NYU Langone, Mount Sinai, and Memorial Sloan Kettering.  Prominent Massachusetts hospitals include Brigham & Women’s, Beth Israel Deaconess, as well as Harvard Medical School and Boston University.  Three of the nation’s top four medical school are located in these states.  New York City has multiple medical schools: SUNY Downstate in Brooklyn; Albert Einstein in the Bronx; and CUNY, Touro, Columbia, Cornell, Mount Sinai, and NYU in Manhattan.[4]   Massachusetts and New York are among the top three states in terms of practicing physicians per capita.[5]   A European firm, MedBelle, has ranked Boston and New York City as two of the three best ‘hospital cities’ in the US and Boston the second best in the world.[6]   Massachusetts and New Jersey are two of the three riches states in the U.S.[7]   New York City is the richest city in the world’s richest country with 92 billionaires and a net worth of US $424 billion.[8]    

Yet, despite these vast resources and stellar medical credentials, a full year into the COVID pandemic, these three states have some of the worst COVID outcomes in the entire world.  See the charts below.  COVID outcomes in these three states are about seven times worse than the rest of the world.



This is the elephant in the room, the emperor’s new clothes.  U.S. COVID fatality rates are about five time worse than the rest of the world.[11]  COVID fatality rates of our wealthiest and most medically sophisticated states are 50% higher than the rest of the U.S. and about 600% higher than the rest of the world.[12]  When President Biden tells us to “follow the science,” which science are we supposed to follow, the science that gives us 2,300 COVID deaths per million?  The science that produces COVID outcomes seven times worse than the rest of the world?  This is what the U.S. medical/scientific establishment has given us.  These horrific U.S. COVID outcomes occurred in the shadow of Harvard and the New York medical centers.  The worst part is that these terrible COVID outcomes have been accompanied by the shrill, condescending banning of outpatient COVID treatment and enforcement of those treatment bans by all manner of intimidation not the least of which are the Twitter/Facebook brown shirts.  

Fortunately, there is better science to follow.  It’s called “real world experience” and it is not unknown to the scientific community, especially the FDA.  There are scores of countries and individual physicians whose COVID treatment outcomes are far superior to the U.S. medical/scientific establishment.[13]  There are scores of countries and individual physicians who achieve their excellent COVID outcomes with outpatient treatment.  We have better science to follow.  It’s time to follow it.

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