Watch: What’s stopping them from using this drug?

Watch: What’s stopping them from using this drug?

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Few among the health professionals who have dared challenge the mainstream Covid-19 narrative have been braver or more resolute than this US frontline doctor.

For more than a year, respiratory and ICU specialist Dr Pierre Kory has campaigned tirelessly for the adoption in hospitals across the US and beyond of a low-cost drug that he and his colleagues in the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance have proven time and again saves lives and dramatically reduces symptom severity.

But — as my recent guest Dr Tess Lawrie has also discovered here in the UK — his words keep falling on deaf ears at regulatory and government level. As a matter of fact, YouTube deleted his formal testimony under oath before the U.S. Senate.

Dr Kory is board-certified in internal medicine, critical care, and pulmonary medicine, and a former Chief of the Critical Care Service and Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Centre at the University of Wisconsin.

So why is nobody listening and what does he see as the true obstacles standing in the way of this simple, affordable, readily available drug and the wider protocols developed by the Alliance for preventing and treating Covid-19?

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