Trump on vaccine: ‘I don’t think children should get it, I think people should have freedom; can’t be forced, they do have rights’

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In an interview with Newsmax, fmr U.S. President Donald Trump yesterday addressed medical freedom concerns surrounding the COVID-19 experimental biological agent, reaffirming his commitment to individual medical freedom rights.

“I don’t think that children should get it,” Trump told interviewer Rob Finnerty, “and I think people should have the freedom not to get it. They can’t be forced because they do have rights.”

Addressing President Trump’s stance, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Founder Dr. Simone Gold today said: “He IS with the American people, and now it’s time for each person to demand that our fundamental right to medical choice is enforced.”

Dr. Gold’s role as an effective communicator between the U.S. grassroots and political leadership began during the previous administration. Earlier this month it was revealed that she last July personally implored Vice President Mike Pence to advocate a presidential executive order making hydroxychloroquine available for over-the-counter purchase as a means to drop death rates to “near-zero”.

More recently, Dr. Gold has engaged in protracted behind-the-scenes contacts with sources close to Trump to apprise him of AFLDS doctors’ medical findings regarding effective COVID-19 treatments, and to warn him of possible dangers that eroding medical freedom rights would entail.


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