Spain drafts ‘legal reform’ allowing state to mobilize all adults in times of crisis

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All adults will be required to provide “personal services” to the state if a crisis is declared in Spain, according to the “reform” of the National Security Law being prepared by the government, reported El País.

The draft legislation indicates that all citizens, without exception, must follow the orders and instructions of the relevant authorities if a state of crisis – or “situation of interest to national security” as it is termed in the document – is declared.

The reform also states that authorities can temporarily requisition all types of assets, take over or temporarily occupy those that are needed, and suspend all activity. The document says citizens who are economically harmed by these actions have the right to compensation, but in its preliminary version, the bill does not include compensation for people whose services are required by the state.

The wording of the draft bill does not specifically mention Spanish citizens, but rather everyone who has reached the age of majority.

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