Singapore: COVID-19 will be treated like other endemic diseases, such as flu

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The city state of Singapore announced that COVID-19 will be treated like other endemic diseases, such as the flu, reported

There will be no “zero transmission” goals. Isolation for travelers will end. Singapore also plans to stop announcing daily “case” numbers.

However, tests may still be needed to shop or work.

Journalist Kirsten Han called the reports “misleading”. According to her, these reforms are “far from” imminent. “Right now in Singapore, you can only go out in groups of 2, and only allowed 5 visitors to your home a day. There are still a lot of restrictions.”

She continued: “What the ministers in the COVID-19 taskforce have sketched out is a longer-term plan. First, they need to complete vaccination for as much of the population as possible (currently underway). They’re also going to roll out more widespread testing.”

Han concluded: “Right now in Singapore, tracking/surveillance in the name of COVID-19 is also extremely widespread. There are serious privacy concerns that have been bulldozed over.”

Sky News host James Morrow says Singapore’s change in the way they report coronavirus statistics from counting the number of “positive cases” to instead counting hospitalizations and deaths is a “far saner” approach than what Australia is doing.

“Singapore this week has announced that they are going to change the way that they report their coronavirus statistics very soon and they’re going to start reporting not the number of cases … but only the number of hospitalizations and deaths,” Mr Morrow said. “I think that’s a far saner way to do it.”

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