Report: COVID-vaccinated more likely to die of illness due to weakened immune system by factor of 15

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Reanalysis of data released by the Israel Health Ministry and published by a German journalist shows increased COVID-19 risks during the 28-day vaccination process and after for those vaccinated who fell ill with COVID-19. This, according to Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ who founded the website.

The German article published data on COVID-19 hospitalizations, severe patients, and deaths during and after the four-week vaccination process, which includes three weeks between the first and the second vaccine doses, and one week after the second dose.

For the vaccinated, COVID-19-associated risks were increased as compared to unvaccinated individuals during the vaccination process, and those who fell ill with COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated were subject to 15 times more deaths than the unvaccinated.

German journalist Alice Echtermann published data accumulated from December 20 to March 10 from the Israel Health Ministry on vaccinated and unvaccinated COVID-19 patients. Seligman and Yativ say: “Her interpretation of these data, reacting to a publication, is that vaccination decreased deaths from 1,566 (unvaccinated) to 709 (between doses), to 84 (within 7 days after 2nd dose), and to 105 (7 days after 2nd dose).”

They say the analysis “assumes that the comparison between vaccinated and untreated individuals is adequate, because these are drawn randomly from the same population. This is misleading because vaccination statuses differ in durations and sample sizes, and the negation of this proposition proves that comparing these two groups is inadequate and leads to flawed conclusions.

“Adjusted for time, there are 20, 34, 12, and 4 deaths/day for the different vaccination statuses, in the same order as above.

“Adjusted for total COVID-19 patient numbers, deaths/day per person increase from unvaccinated to fully vaccinated and are greater by 11.65, 27.92, and 15 than for the unvaccinated.

“This confirms a threefold increase in COVID-19 detection rates during the first 7 days after the 1st dose, as compared to initial COVID-19 rates on 1st dose injection day, as we exposed in the analysis of New England Journal of Medicine data.”

After their reanalysis, the authors detailed that: “Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination multiplies mortality by 15 among fully vaccinated COVID-19 patients putatively by weakening the immune system, and may affect all other vaccinated people at the same rate for any other illness.

“These results show that vaccination may protect the majority of people who would develop mild cases anyway, yet renders the minority who is likely to develop more severe cases even more vulnerable to COVID-19 and vaccine side effects.

“The vaccine weakens the immune system already in the first dose, following which people who fell ill with COVID-19 close to injection may die 12 times more than the unvaccinated between injections, 28 times more the week after the second injection, and 15 times after receiving full immunity.”

The table does not divide between ages but from past experience we know that mortality is concentrated mainly in those aged 65 and over.

Unlike the previous Health Ministry table from February 10, 2021, which separated between those aged 65 and over, and those aged 65 and under, here all ages were mixed.

“Mixing the young vaccinated in the current table actually hides the even higher mortality that the vaccine causes in the elderly during the vaccination process. See our previous article on the subject.

“In addition, the table does not indicate the population of non-patients, which makes it difficult to derive the harm/benefit ratio of the vaccine and requires other sources of information to do so, as we did in a previous article.

“These data should have been on display if they did indeed prove the vaccine effective; hiding them raises questions about the good faith of the Health Ministry.

“Also, the mortality data of those vaccinated who became infected show that it was the Health Ministry’s responsibility to warn those receiving the vaccine that they should be careful to isolate about two weeks before the vaccination and during the vaccination period, to prevent them from being both infected and infecting others during this disastrous period.

“During the period of vaccination, each vaccinated person becomes a potential candidate to spread the virus, which may explain both the increase in morbidity in Israel since the start of the vaccination campaign, and the increase in mortality as uncovered in the data presented above.

“We also see that percentages of asymptomatic cases decrease from unvaccinated to fully vaccinated. This confirms that vaccination probably weakens natural immune reactions, and increases risks precisely for those whom vaccination should protect.”

The authors concluded: “We stress that the mortality data does not include non-COVID-19 adverse reactions resulting from vaccination-induced immune system weakening. Our straightforward analyses are as true as reported data, and results don’t contradict the possibility that full vaccination decreases COVID-19 incidences. As said, the last point requires information unreported in the original table, namely numbers of individuals without COVID-19 for each vaccination status.

“Notably, unlike other countries, the Israeli Health Ministry does not recommend outpatient care with potentially helpful medicines as zinc, Ivermectin, or vitamins C and D.

“More than a month ago we directed a Freedom of Information Act request to the Health Ministry, asking they publish global mortality data among those who received the COVID-19 vaccine. The Health Ministry refused to publish this data; what we said above may explain why.”

Yativ and Dr. Seligman conclude: “Massive vaccination should be reconsidered and all non-COVID-19 adverse reactions examined in relation to vaccination status.”

Chart: Daily mortality. Red arrow denotes vaccine campaign commencement in Israel; source: Israel Health Ministry

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