Listen: Jerusalem nutritional consultant recounts day fielding post-vaccine victim calls

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Jerusalem nutritional consultant Esther Black Wednesday posted a situation report regarding adverse reactions she is observing following administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, and issued a plea for assistance.

“Hello all my friends. For all of you who are following what’s going on here in Israel with this shot that they are calling a vaccine; today was a very interesting day because it used to be that I had tons of corona calls, and today my day started out with a call from a woman who had the first shot six weeks ago, and she’s had diarrhea ever since, and she’s lost weight, and she is very weak and dizzy and she can’t think straight.

“While I was on the phone, trying to get her medicine up north in this little moshav that she lives in, I got a call from somebody who had the shot – the second shot (that was the first shot, this one was the second shot), and he felt like his brains were blowing out of his head and he had all kinds of sensory issues where he was smelling and tasting things that weren’t there, and hearing things that weren’t there, and he had this feeling of foreboding and panic and depression that were not part of his normal personality.”

While I was talking to him, I had to interrupt his call for somebody who refused to stop beeping in, and it was a man whose wife had the shot – I don’t know if it was the first or second because he was just so panicked, I think it was the first – and someone told him to call me. He forgot why he was calling me and I said, ‘do you want treatment for her?’ He says, ‘I don’t know, we’re not ready for Pesach, can somebody come and help me clean?’ And I say, ‘How is your wife?’ He goes, ‘I don’t know.’ I said, ‘She’s home?’ ‘I don’t know!’ And he sounded like he was crying.  He was in Ramat Beit Shemesh and I’m in Jerusalem, so I called somebody in Ramat Beit Shemesh who is closer to him, that could go and check it out. So I was able to give that one away.

“Then I got a call about somebody who has two children with corona, and it’s not a bad case, and what should she do? So I advised her on the corona and then I got another call with a 7-month pregnant woman – I’m sorry I had three hours sleep last night, if I’m lucky – she’s seven months pregnant, and she had the shot last Friday. They gave her the shot while she had a cough and a cold they tested her and it showed negative for corona, so they went ahead, even with her compromised immune system and seven months pregnant, and they gave her the shot, and she is doing poorly. She can feel the baby moving and so we’re trying to help her, and trying to send a nurse to see her.

“This is what my day has been like, ladies. I don’t understand why they’re giving this shot. It used to be that I volunteered to help corona, and now I’m helping shots. Just stop giving this stupid shot already! I can’t believe it! I’m not sleeping at night for these people. I’m not sleeping, not because I don’t want to help them, because I can’t! After the first shot, there’s a chance that I can help get rid of their symptoms. After the second shot, I can’t do anything.

“If anyone knows anything to do, if anyone knows a doctor – and not to treat the symptoms – I don’t want one of these doctors who says, ‘Okay, we’ll give him cortisone.’ No, I want to know how to make them well. If anyone knows anyone who can deal with the shot, the second one especially, I haven’t yet found anybody who knows what to do to reverse the second shot, and I am begging that somebody do because these people’s lives are at stake, and I just don’t know enough to help them.

“So anyway thank you so much for all that you do. Thank you all for making the tincture. The tincture still works after the first shot, it makes them feel better, but it doesn’t mean that it cures them. But they really do feel better after it, this tea; it’s not really a tincture, it’s a tea concentrate; I was probably half asleep when I told you ladies that it was a tincture, which I am now so I’m going to babble on, but anyway please: Anyone. Anyone there who wants me to talk to anyone who wants the shot – I will tell them what I am seeing.  Because they have to have screws loose to even consider it. It’s just disgusting.

“Thank you for letting me rant. I’m sorry if I frighten you. I’m sorry. I’m just… I need help, and I don’t know what to do for these people, so Hashem, please, Hashem please, bring the salvation quickly.  Happy Passover to all of you wonderful ladies, bye bye.”

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