Lawsuits against seven airlines, TSA over mask mandates

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National File this week reported that Washington, D.C. resident Lucas Wall has filed a lawsuit against seven airlines, and a separate lawsuit against TSA challenging mask mandates on airplanes. Wall is suing the airlines Frontier, Spirit, Delta, JetBlue, Allegiant, Alaska and Southwest in Orlando, Florida’s U.S. District Court, seeking over $300,000 in damages. National File says Wall struggles to breathe in masks due to his generalized anxiety disorder.

“The evidence is indisputable that all seven defendants for the past year or so during the COVID-19 pandemic have illegally discriminated against potentially millions of flyers with disabilities,” Wall said in a statement. “By refusing to grant any mask exemptions and/or requiring such an onerous exemption process that travelers such as myself with a medical condition that makes it impossible for them to cover their face are essentially banned from using the nation’s commercial aviation system.”

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