JetBlue Founder: ‘Masks are for morons’

JetBlue Founder: ‘Masks are for morons’

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Former JetBlue CEO and current Breeze CEO David Neeleman criticized face masks as an overreaction, telling Bloomberg in an interview: “I think people who wear masks outside when they’re social distanced are complete morons.” On those who wear two masks: “I just want to go up and shake them and go, ‘What the @#$% is wrong with you?,”

Business Insider reports it’s not the first time Neeleman has publicly opposed mask mandates and lockdowns. Last October, he tweeted: “I continue to believe that it is less safe to require everyone to wear ineffective cloth masks and gators which gives a false sense of security, than to have just the truly vulnerable and those who are worried wear high quality N95 masks.”

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