Funeral director: ‘I’ve seen the lies firsthand; I’ve talked to the angry families who have had COVID put on death certificates’

Funeral director: 'I’ve seen the lies firsthand; I’ve talked to the angry families who have had COVID put on death certificates'

Funeral director: ‘I’ve seen the lies firsthand; I’ve talked to the angry families who have had COVID put on death certificates’

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America’s Frontline Doctors spoke to “J”, a UK-based funeral director who says in the course of his work, he has witnessed exaggerated COVID mortality figures and suppression of information within the industry, and that the only time deaths actually skyrocketed coincided with the start of the vaccine campaign: “I run a small funeral home with my wife and we conduct probably 200 funerals a year,” J told AFLDS. “If I openly came out, people simply would not believe me.

“In honesty it’s been a very interesting story from day one, but the bottom line is I’ve seen great efforts made to deliberately inflate the numbers, and the death rate simply wasn’t there to support the hysteria.

“Before Christmas it was very, very quiet. After Christmas, the death rate number went through the roof – in exact line with the beginning of vaccination locally which started on January 6th.

“Obviously I have to be careful because people who are told they have lost a loved one due to COVID are very upset and will believe it totally and buy into COVID, and won’t take into account that their loved one was morbidly obese, in their late 70’s, or a chronic diabetic, or other significant factors such as kidney failure – they’ve been told it’s a COVID death and they fully believe it is solely due to COVID, when the reality is that winter flu would have had the same outcome for their loved one.

“I’ve seen the lies firsthand; I’ve talked to the angry families who have had COVID put on death certificates.

“As a funeral director I commented in a COVID video comments section, telling people exactly what my experience was firsthand during this fake pandemic.

“Last year the death rate was totally normal; in fact, it was a little bit down in 2019, and towards Christmas many of my colleagues were actually turning their fridges off because there was no one dying.

“We began vaccinating on January 6 locally here, and the death rate went through the roof almost immediately within the same week, for three months. I’ve never known a death rate like it in 15 years as an undertaker.

“This comment was liked over three hundred times and then my YouTube account was deleted without warning for apparently violating their policies – being honest basically.”

He continues: “Everyone in our industry knows the truth; some are more frank and honest than others.

“But sadly, anyone losing a loved one and being told it was COVID will often believe it, and totally not understand the fact that their loved one was 25 stone, had heart disease, or that terminal cancer had anything to do with it. So I have to tread very carefully or it could be damaging for my business.

“So as you’ll appreciate, I have to treat very carefully so as not to upset those people who genuinely believe in COVID.

“I’m more than happy to be honest and tell the story as I have seen it firsthand since day one, which was actually in November of 2019. But people in my industry will be very, very reluctant to step forward for fear of being condemned.

“But the funeral numbers do not lie, and unless they’re putting bodies in landfill somewhere, the death rate just is not there to support pandemic claims. I’m in WhatsApp groups with a number of other funeral homes, so if the death rate had increased, I would know.

“The only time the death rate soared was in January of this year when they began vaccinating for the first time. It went through the roof -higher than I’ve ever known in 15 years – and suddenly it has evaporated, and there is nothing to do as an undertaker – or virtually nothing.

“But I have washed and dressed around 100+ COVID dead, or rather dead labelled with COVID that most of them probably didn’t have.

“I’ve done this at a time when other funeral directors have attended hospitals with body bags or coffins and placed deceased straight into them and sealed without offering any visits or viewing and they have done this for two reasons:

“Some funeral directors have simply looked at this as an opportunity to do the bare minimum for the same money, because when you factor in that washing and dressing and presenting a deceased, and then taking the time to accommodate the family for those visits, is all work.

“So to simply go and collect the deceased in a coffin, seal it, and tell them no one can view it because of COVID makes life very easy for them. I would hasten to add they’re not charging half the fee for half the service.

“But I refuse to treat people like that.

“When COVID began, one of my first clients was a family who lost a six-year-old girl to cancer; thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence.

“As you’d expect, they wanted to visit child.

“This was at the very beginning of the COVID hysteria and everyone, myself included, did not know any better – none were allowing viewings.

“But I could not bring myself to deny this mother time with her six-year-old daughter. I’d never have forgiven myself.

“So I washed and dressed her, and then thought, ‘If I can do it for this family, I can do it for everyone.’

“And that is what I have done. Everyone in my care, COVID or not, has been washed and dressed.”

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